Design and Technology: Apple AirPod Earrings

Browsing social media is one of the best ways to stay current on news, technology, design and trends. On January, 26  I stumbled upon a tweet by non-binary designer Gabrielle Reilly otherwise known as L. This tweet included a video of their most recent design, an Apple AirPod earring. Apple AirPods cost approximately $160 and are completely wireless. Upon the release of the AirPod, discussion erupted addressing what consumers would do if they misplaced one of their headphones. Apple has since released a wired attachment for these cordless pods, however, some would argue that this design was less than sensible.

The creative process included a major need for a device that prevented the displacement and destruction of their AirPods. “I think the best inventions come out of having to fulfill a need.” L stated. The earrings consist of only a few materials including chain, plastic and jump rings.  The future of this design looks bright. L currently has a patent pending to ensure ownership of the design and will be custom making each pair of earrings to suit consumer needs. They are also working on making earrings for people with unpierced ears and are considering making an earring for those with stretched lobes, though they are more difficult to accommodate.

As a designer, L has been familiar with DIY and craft making as long as they can remember. When asked for their opinion on the future of design and technology L listed their friend Spicy as an inspiration.

” There are some very cool people doing very things. My friend Spicy (spicy.obj on Instagram) has been making 3d models of clothes, shoes, makeup, and herself. She really takes the future to the next level and makes me feel like people will start to do more adventurous things with inventions that already exist.”

This invention proves to me that the merge between fashion and technology is closer than we think. What results from that merge however is completely unpredictable.

“We are definitely moving away from tradition and making our own. Technology kind of implies that objects are functional, but Spicy has proven to me that they don’t have to serve a specific purpose. They can just be.” L replied

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