Bill confusion addressed in senate

At the Senate meeting held on Sunday, Jan. 28 there was overall confusion over the two bills: SB 189-044 (Standing Committee Chairs Following Senate Chair’s Lead) and SB 189-045 (Senator Absences Self Reporting) that were discharged favorably from the Internal Affairs committee. While reviewing SB 189044 Sen. Hannah Smith said she didn’t recall seeing this bill previously and commented that the wording is incorrect and unclear.

While reviewing SB 189-045 Boswell said he didn’t remember reading the bill.

“I have no idea what this bill is referring to,” Sen Benjamin Boswell expressed.

Multiple senators expressed the same concern.

“You’re required to report absences in the committee meeting notes, and you are required to give those notes to the senate chair. There is no point to this bill,” Vice President Dawson Mann said.

Sen. Boswell asked why the bills were discharged favorably.

“I guess we didn’t look at them closely,” Internal Affairs Committee Chair Daniel Dougherty responded. The bill was sent back to the Internal Affairs committee. PR Director Melissa Clark confirmed that the bills were addressed on Dec. 10, 2017 and stated that approximately 20 bills were reviewed that day.

SB189-047 (Updating Senator Handbook (Updating Senator Handbook) failed 0-6-2, SB 190-001 (Changes to the Student Commencement Speaker Committee Bylaws) passed 7-0-1

Committee Reports

Student affairs committee discharged their first bill SB189-038 under their new chair Sen. Hannah Smith favorably. They also addressed the fact that student government perks and discounts are expired for the time being; therefore, the committee will be working towards restarting the program.

Internal Affairs committee discussed SB 189-039 that week and the committee members decided to take the proposed training, such as Green Dot Bystander Training and SafeZone.

Sen. Diana Ramstad said that she doesn’t think that Internal Affairs should be taking the trainings first, and she has expressed this repeatedly in the committee meetings. Instead, she believes that the senators as a whole should be attending the trainings.

Other Business

Director Aoto expressed that the main goal of his position as Resource and Advocacy Director is to interpret university policy and represent students, not to change those policies. Aoto followed that statement by encouraging senators to write resolutions to change policies that may be outdated or not representative of the student body.

Officer Reports

Public Relations Director Clark reported that the ASUAF event Feedback Fridays will no longer take place in the Hess Rec but instead will take place in front of Moore, Bartlett and Skarland Halls every Friday from 8-9 p.m. This will give students a chance to express their concerns and receive free ice cream.

For more information regarding the legislation discussed in this article please refer to the ASUAF list serve, Agenda 190B.

Raven Palmer is a student senator at ASUAF.

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