Briefly Stated: Man threatens university employees

Correction Sept. 19, 2017: An earlier version of this article misstated the circumstance prompting UAF police to post flyers about a man trespassed from campus. According to the police blotter, he could not be located on campus the day of the reports.

Multiple reports of a man trespassed from the university were filed on Monday, Sept. 11. Officers responding to the reports could not find the individual in question on campus, according to the police blotter. (link to the blotter in online) Following the report, staff at the Geophysical Institute were issued police fliers containing the man’s name, face, and instructions to contact the authorities should he be sighted.

The police fliers were posted on campus the following Friday, stating that Viacheslav Garayshin “recently made vague threats of violence against University personnel and the focus of his anger appears to be certain people in the Elvey Building (Geophysical Institute) and the Eielson Building (Dean of Students Office) as well as Title IX Staff.”

University Spokeswoman Marmian Grimes responded to an email inquiry with the following statement.

“As of May, he had been trespassed from all university properties,” Grimes wrote. “A judge also recently issued a protective order, which covers university property. The police department posted the fliers so that people would be aware that he is not allowed on campus and that they should contact the police if they see Garayshin.”

Grimes confirmed the information listed on the fliers. She stated that university police are working to keep employees and students informed of the circumstances.

“In addition [to posting fliers], the police department has spoken with employees and others in the referenced areas to make sure they are aware of the situation and to offer guidance on what to do if they do see Garayshin,” Grimes wrote. “If Garayshin is spotted on university property, he can be arrested.”

Since Garayshin is trespassed from the entirety of the University of Alaska System, his presence on campus is illegal and should be reported. If someone sees him on campus, according to Grimes, they should not approach him, but should instead contact the police immediately.

People with questions, concerns, or any knowledge of Garayshin’s activity on campus can contact the UAF police department at 474-7721 or the Dean of Students office at 474-7317.

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