“Super Hot” by Piotr Iwanicki

*Warning many spoilers ahead*

Sometimes a video game surprises me; this does not happen often, so when it does I take notice. “Super Hot,” by developer Piotr Iwanicki and his team, is one such game. Advertised as a first person shooter, “Super Hot” came up on my console as a free game for a limited time and having heard relatively good things about the game play I downloaded it.

The game is described as “a first person shooter where time moves only when you move.” Slow motion non-player-characters move about the map. They are humanoid but faceless and made of red glass. The player is given a prompt to fight back, and when they do the NPCs shatter. The player, after completing levels, is automatically given harder and harder enemies to defeat, as well as more weapons and objects to utilize in their surroundings.

It soon becomes evident that this game isn’t really as straightforward as the prompts say and begins to morph rather quickly. There are cuts to a black “hacker” chat screen after finishing some of the levels. The text scrolls through, and the player is told that they are responding to the other “person” in the chat room. All of the responses are scripted, and the player is unable to type their own responses. After a few of these chat screens, the game reveals the true plot: the player is being mind controlled.

Dialogue: 5/10

“Super Hot” repeats the words “super hot” after each level, but other than that the game is void of actual voices. However, as I mentioned above, the game has chat screens and the dialogue within those screens is rather interesting. I am giving the game a solid five simply because I feel that some of the dialogue is a bit bland.

I think that if the game had options to type responses that are therein responded to by the bot in the game that would be more dynamic. I am aware that it is a bit harder for console to achieve this, but that is where the dialogue fell flat for me. What dialogue there was, especially when the screen flashed text prompts in game such as “Enter the core” or “It is pointless, do not try” were very interesting and I enjoyed them.

Story: 7/10

The story for this game was intense. I actually think that because “Super Hot” is advertised as a first person shooter, the plot twist is all the more intense. I was not expecting the game to have any plot whatsoever, but then there was one. Because the game was intense, and rapidly changed as I played it, “Super Hot” gets a seven from me.

The score would be higher if the game had escalated the story line further, or really tried to explain some of the plot a bit more. However, from what I was given in regards to “brain washing” and “we are actually watching you play this game in a facility is anything you’re seeing even real?” I applaud the game.

Plot accessibility/understanding: 4/10

This category is a bit difficult to rate for “Super Hot.” I felt that I understood the game reasonably well, and that the game itself had a good level of difficulty throughout, but I felt a bit confused at some bits. Because I felt confusion while playing, I bumped the score down a bit.

A casual gamer might be put off by the plot and perhaps have the impression that the game had lied to them in-store before they downloaded it. Simply because of this chance of confusion and frustration the score remains a four from me. I’m a sucker for plot twists, I just wish the game had fleshed out the narrative a bit more clearly.

“Super Hot” is a game that not only attempts a new game mechanic by adding slow motion to the mix of the first person shooter, but it also adds dashes of mind control and submersion. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and I think it is definitely worth a playthrough for any gamers interested in a new kind of shooter game.


Sun Star Picks April 17 – 23

Tuesday, April 17

Are you a know it all, or do you perhaps just know random facts that aren’t that helpful in your everyday interactions? Well, you’re in luck! Tonight The Pub is hosting their weekly Pub Trivia from 8 – 11 p.m. You have to be 21+ in order to go. Cheyenne Corty / Layout Editor


Wednesday, April 18

It’s springtime, guys! Need I repeat? Because I will: IT IS SPRINGTIME! Go for a walk. Get outside. Be one with the melting snow in the most non-literal way. The sun is shining*, and you’re probably stressing about classes and whatnots; take some time for yourself because, let’s be honest here, you deserve it. (*that the sun is shining cannot be guaranteed). Caitlin Miller / Managing Editor



Thursday, April 19

Are you looking to register for classes at UAF’s Community and Technical College this fall semester? You’re in luck! CTC is hosting a registration event at 604 Barnette Street tonight. Drop in between 4-6 p.m. to learn a little about the classes available and enjoy some refreshments. Oh, and there’s going to be prizes for the folks who show up and enter a drawing, so if you go to register, you could win a tablet. Kyrie Long / Editor-in-Chief

Friday, April 20

Remember the field day from previous SpringFests? Well, it’s called the 2018 SpringFest carnival now, but it still has all the food, booths, and fun times you could want! It starts at 4 p.m. and goes until 8 p.m., so head over to the SRC and decompress before the last stretch of the semester! Ben Ellis / Web Editor

Saturday, April 21

So, it looks like there’s a 2018 TVSA Spring Gun Show going on at the UAF Patty Center. I mean, if you’re into that sort of stuff, it’s there for you. Times are getting a little weird, so I’d just go ahead and enjoy the right to bear arms for as long as you still have them. – Alex Frania / Photo Editor

Sunday, April 22

There are finally some good movies out, guys!Isle of Dogs” has finally come to Fairbanks (because it did so damn well everywhere else). If you want to come kneel at the altar of your hipster god, Wes Anderson, there is no better day than this Sunday to do that. Mainly because there really isn’t anything else going on this Sunday. Alex Frania / Photo Editor


Monday, March 23

It’s the end of the semester, and you all know what that means: final projects, term papers, and exams are coming up. Don’t let the stress bog you down too much; get a red bull kicker from Arctic Java (I hear they have new syrup flavors!), and head to the Nook in the Bunnell Building for a quiet place to pump out the rest of those assignments. – Caitlin Miller / Managing Editor

Fun Star Picks, April 3 – April 9

This article is a work of satire, and is not intended to be taken seriously in any way. Any resemblance to actual events or real people is purely coincidental, and should not be regarded with any degree of seriousness.

Tuesday, April 3

There’s a wine tasting at Lavelle’s. I know that the event is designed to increase your knowledge on different wines but we all know that’s not as fun as increasing that blood alcohol content! There’s no better excuse to go drinking on a Tuesday than this. This event is 21+ if you couldn’t figure that out on your own, dummy. Alex Frania / Photo Editor


Wednesday, April 4

Today at the comic shop, they’re putting on a Magic: The Gathering Commander format in the new Brawl setting! What is that? Heck if I know, I barely play MTG. But it sounds fun, and you should Google what the format is, tell me what it is, then go and play some cards. Sign up ends at 6:00pm and there is a $6.00 entry fee. Ben Ellis / Web Editor



Thursday, April 5

If you’re like me you’re certainly falling into a pit of financial despair but still have the urge to shop. Why not head over the the Free Store in the Lola Tilly building. They’re open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. It’s enough to satisfy the urge to shop without all the sad emotions you get when you spend money. At least that’s what I tell myself. Cheyenne Corty / Layout Editor

Friday, April 6

Do you like leaving your house? I don’t. But if you do, what better way to face your crippling social anxiety than by heading down to The Pub and drinking the fear away? There’s Pub Trivia tonight starting at 7:30 p.m. for students ages 21 and older. Be there or be me. At home. Hopefully sleeping. Kyrie Long / Editor-in-Chief

Saturday, April 7

National No Housework Day! Oh come on, we all know you’ve been celebrating this all year long. But this way you can lay on your bed surrounded by all the laundry you need to fold, knowing you won’t, with peace of mind. You’ll just do it tomorrow, or not. Who needs to clean? – Ali Macrae / Staff Reporter

Sunday, April 8

Today is a very special day, so you know what that means. There are precisely two options for you today. Either stop by the International Woman’s Day tabling event starting at 1:00pm in the Wood Center, or you can drink a liter of coffee and punch the moon. These are clearly your only two options today, unless you want to be an overachiever and shame the rest of us mere mortals by doing both. Ben Ellis / Web Editor


Monday, April 9

At 8:30 p.m., The Pub will be hosting Open Mic Night. Yeah, that thing where you sit down in a room and admire all those people that are braver than you. Or that event where you’ve finally mustered up the courage to get on stage only to bomb that comedy set that you’ve been practicing for a month. Or it’s that event where you’ve finally decided to ignore that negative voice in your head and started enjoying new experiences. I don’t know, just go and find out which one of those things it is, it’s a real toss up! Alex Frania / Photo Editor

Video (games) killed the storyteller: Until Dawn

*Spoilers ahead*

Horror is a genre that appeals to many people, and gamers are no exception. Horror games tend to learn toward the zombie first person shooter genre, but other games have moved away from zombies and straight into psychological thriller and mythology. One game that succeeds in breaking out of the zombie horde is “Until Dawn” by developer Supermassive Games.

“Until Dawn” is listed as a horror adventure game and was released in 2015, though it should also be noted that it’s a “choose your own adventure” game as well. Upon beginning the game, the player is introduced to a group of teenagers that are having a party in a cabin in the mountains. The group consist of three siblings, Josh, Beth, and Hannah and their friends Sam, Mike, Emily, Jessica, Matt, and Ashley.

The party turns sour when Hannah is pranked by Beth, Josh, and Sam. Hannah runs away and Beth follows after her. The player is then playing as Beth, chasing after Hannah. As the sisters run through the forest, they become lost and fall off the side of a cliff. The player is given the option to either let go of Hannah, or try to climb up to rescue them both. Either option results in the assumed death of both girls, as the game then cuts to Sam on her way back to the cabin a year later.

Josh invites the group to the cabin for the anniversary of the party where his sisters went missing. The player is then prompted to play as several characters as they arrive at the cabin, beginning with Sam. The whole game is set up in this manner, switching from one character to another. However, there’s something sinister about the gathering at the cabin that quickly reveals itself.

Dialogue/voice acting: 5/10

The dialogue within “Until Dawn” is rather campy. By campy, I mean that it’s not great, but on purpose. The characters consistently reminded me of horror movie characters, and that seems to have been done intentionally. However, I do appreciate that the player can choose what the character they are given control of is allowed to say. This varies from other games that have this mechanic of being able to choose dialogue, “Until Dawn” allows the player to change events through the dialogue. I give it a solid five. It wasn’t the worst I’ve ever experienced in a game, but it was far from the best.

Story: 7/10

The plot in “Until Dawn” is a complex one. The first plot twist, which I’m about to spoil, is that Josh has invited his group of friends to the cabin to play a very elaborate prank on them. Josh begins to terrorize his friends in true “Saw” fashion. He sets up several locations where the friends are frightened, tortured mentally, and threatened with death. Josh, however, is not the only threat within the game. Wendigos are the other antagonist within the game, and it becomes clear that Josh’s escapades aren’t the only events that the characters must fear. I knocked off points for the Josh plot feeling a bit loose and unmotivated, but kept the score higher due to the originality in utilizing wendigos from Algonquian folk lore.

Plot accessibility/understanding: 6.9/10

Accessibility for this game is a bit tricky. Without getting into too many more details that would spoil the entire game, “Until Dawn” may become so confusing and complex that it can fall apart for some newer gamers. Even seasoned gamers that are perhaps put off by too many plot twists may feel frustration with “Until Dawn.” The complicated idea of being able to change the plot of the game with dialogue also causes the accessibility to become rather muddled. Because of the possibility for confusion with the plot that may throw some players for a loop, I bumped the score down a bit. However, I do acknowledge that the plot is unique, and that kept the score up from a possible five.

“Until Dawn” is a thrilling adventure horror game that continues to entice gamers. Not only is the game complex, it is also interesting. Gamers can expect excitement, intrigue, and thrills. “Until Dawn” bring forth a supreme campy feeling throughout, it also attempts to allow the player to feel like the “choose your own adventure” game hasn’t died.


Sun Star Picks, March 20 – March 26

Tuesday, March 20

It’s Pub Trivia night! Test your random knowledge with a few beers. It’s $5 per team, and you must be over 21 to participate. Who knows, you might get the bread! Ali Macrae / Staff Reporter


Wednesday, March 21

Come one come all to the Noel Wien Library Book Sale from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the North Star Borough Public Library. If you’re a bookworm or dweeb trying to get your fix or if you’re a regular fellow just trying to get lit, this is an opportunity you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Alex Frania / Photo Editor



Thursday, March 22

The Student Activities Office will be collecting canned food throughout the week! Today would be a great day to donate some extra canned food you may have lying about and help out your fellow students who may not otherwise be able to afford food for themselves. Caitlin Miller / Managing Editor

Friday, March 23

Written in 2015, The Feminist Utopia Project is a collection of essays, short stories and poems written by over fifty different authors. From noon to 1:30 p.m. today, in Wood Center Conference Room B, the Nanook Diversity and Action Center is holding a book discussion on this book. So feel free to bring something to eat and be ready to discuss! Ben Ellis / Web Editor

Saturday, March 24

Do you like ukuleles? Do you like guys named Russ? Well you’re in luck because Ukulele Russ is performing at The Marlin tonight at 10 p.m. and it’s only a $5 cover fee! You have to be 21 or older to go. – Cheyenne Corty / Layout Editor

Sunday, March 25

Lord, what fools you mortals be should you fail to come by the theater today! Seriously, UAF theater is putting on a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and there’s nothing like classic Shakespeare with a good diesel punk twist. If you, like me, enjoy a good show, students get in for the discounted price of $10 at 2 p.m. today. Kyrie Long / Editor-in-Chief


Monday, March 26

Try powerlifting at the SRC! There will be people there to help perfect the three main movements: squats, bench press, and dead lift. Perfect for new powerlifters! Ali Macrae / Staff Reporter

Video (games) killed the storyteller: Undertale

Many video games revolve around a simple premise; players defeat the enemy and complete the quests. This is an idea that lingers in the minds of many gamers as they interact with a new game. However, some games flip this idea on its head and encourage the player to become more creative with their decisions. One game that does this rather well is “Undertale” by indie developer and composer Toby Fox.

“Undertale” is a role-playing video game and begins with scrawling text. In the text the player is introduced to the world of “Undertale” and given details of a war between humans and monsters, where monsters have been locked underground via magic. There’s a short cut to an image of a mountain, and then a child climbing up it before they fall into a hole, and the player becomes the “fallen child” from the opening.

After the player names the character, the player is introduced to a tiny flower, named Flowey. Flowey introduces themselves and seems nice for a few seconds, but then Flowey explains that they have to “teach you how things work around here.” A box appears with a tiny heart in it and Flowey explains that it is the player’s soul. Flowey then states that in order to become stronger the player must collect “friendliness pellets.”

It doesn’t take long to realize the Flowey is an enemy and not in fact a friend. The pellets hurt the player as soon as they touch them. It was a trick, and Flowey starts to attack. But before Flowey can attack the player again, the player is rescued by Toriel, a monster that looks a bit like a dog and a cow.

This game threw me for a loop when I first played. The developer of this game allows the player to choose how they interact with the world of “Undertale.” The player can choose to never level up and to never harm another character within the game if they so choose. This premise is simply wonderful, and I’ll be focusing on the “pacifist playthrough.”

Dialogue: 10/10

The dialogue in “Undertale” is entertaining beyond belief. Characters are full of life even though they never speak audibly. instead Toby Fox has managed to give each character life with text alone. This is simply outstanding and the main reason I’m giving the game a 10/10 for its dialogue. While playing I felt engaged throughout and was successfully immersed. The characters even give the player taunts, clues, and rewards based on dialogue interactions. If the player chooses to be nice and decides to instead hug, give food, compliment, etc. they will “defeat” the monster.

Story: 8/10

The story of “Undertale” is well done. As mentioned above, the dialogue of the game allows for a rather immersive game. The story is straight forward, the player is a human in a world of monsters, the oppressor among the oppressed, a victor in a world where the monsters lost. It’s rather poetic and intriguing. It felt visceral, especially because if the player chooses to proceed with a violent playthrough they are playing into the stereotype of human brutality the game is portraying. Playing passively confuses many of the “enemies,” and it was fun to break that mold. I give the story an 8/10, not because anything is wrong with the story, but because it is a bit harder to understand.

Plot accessibility/understanding: 7/10

Plot accessibility and understanding receive a 7/10 from me for the aforementioned confusion a player may experience while playing. If you play violently all of the “enemies” become incredibly difficult to defeat. This may frustrate some newer gamers and cause “rage quits.” I was lucky enough to know before playing that I should perhaps choose kindness. However, not everyone who picks up this game will be aware of this, especially since most of the game is spent trying to antagonize the player. Many avid gamers are willing to commit violent acts within a game, but “Undertale” isn’t clear that any and all violent acts result in a “bad” ending.

Has “Undertale” killed the storyteller? I think it revived the storyteller and chose to challenge them. “Undertale” gives the storyteller “LV” and a nice warm hug.

Sun Star Picks, March 6 – March 12

Tuesday, March 6

For all of you getting ready to high tail it out of here (on good terms), come to the Wood Center Mall from noon – 2 p.m. for the Grad Fair. At the fair you can order your regalia, ask about honors, find out about UAF’s Graduate programs, and all other graduation needs. Get ready grads! Alex Frania / Photo Editor


Wednesday, March 7

SAO is hosting friend feud 7 p.m. in Arctic Java! Compete with other teams to be the ultimate champion! Ali Macrae / Staff Reporter


Thursday, March 8

Starting at 1 p.m. in Wood Center, Room 130, the UAF Resource and Advocacy Center will be putting on an art group. This is part of a series of workshops that focuses on working through and healing from trauma in a group setting. – Ben Ellis / Web Editor

Friday, March 9

In the Davis Concert Hall, starting at 7:30 p.m., Seth Blohm will be performing his junior recital of vocal works with Dr.Lorna Eder. – Caitlin Miller / Managing Editor

Saturday, March 10

You made it to Spring Break Weekend, so congratulations! In honor of the weekend, the break, and all your work to make it to this point, I say you should celebrate. If you’re 21 and older, you can head on over to The Pub for Pub Prom, featuring Shagg! and plenty of people ready to dance and dine on The Pub’s nachos. And if you’re not over 21? Don’t sweat it: invite a couple of buddies, rent a movie from the library, snuggle down in your dorm, and have a relaxing night with friends. – Kyrie Long / Editor-in-Chief

Sunday, March 11

Bored tonight? Head on over to The Comic Shop of Fairbanks. They will be hosting both competitive and just-for-fun tournaments of the music mixing card game Dropmix! They encourage experts and new players to come join them. Cheyenne Corty / Layout Editor


Monday, March 12

Are you learning French but want a place to practice it more? Or maybe you took some French classes awhile ago but want to brush up on it? Well, Club Français has club meetings every Monday night from 7-9 p.m. Activities include playing games in French, watching movies in French, or even just eating French foods. Even if you’re new to the language, you’re more than welcome to show up and practice! – Ben Ellis / Web Editor

Video(games) killed the Storyteller: Tomb Raider (2013)

Voice Acting/Dialogue: 7/10

Story: 7.5/10

Plot accessibility/understanding: 10/10

Action-adventure games are usually reminiscent of a Michael Bay film. They are flashy, exciting, and typically involve explosions with a good dose of running away from baddies. This is a popular genre not only for these reasons, but because players can also play as a character who is a certifiable badass, whether they’re a soldier, spy, assassin, or just trained in advanced martial arts. But what about a character that isn’t quite at the status of “badass?” Well developer Crystal Dynamics has the answer, and it’s Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider,” (2013) the prequel to all of the other “Tomb Raider” games we didn’t know we needed.

I first experienced this game on my Xbox 360, glued to the screen for two days straight, absorbed in the narrative and pseudo-open world while simultaneously developing my skills with Lara Croft, the game’s protagonist. The “Tomb Raider” series is a long honored tradition for many gamers, personally I am not part of the fan club that had played “Tomb Raider” on their desktops in 1996 witnessing Lara in all her pixelated glory. However I am a newcomer to the franchise that fell in love with the premise.

“Tomb Raider” (2013) begins on a boat that after two scenes begins to sink. Lara and her crew are on their way to The Dragon’s Triangle off the coast of Japan, and they want to find the lost civilization of Yamatai. After the ship sinks, Lara is incapacitated by an unseen person on the shore of a strange island (yes, it is Yamatai.)

Voice acting as well as dialogue in this game are interesting enough. The dialogue isn’t particularly abysmal or revolutionary in any way, but it gets the job done. Lara Croft is voiced by a British woman who spent about 10 years within the United States and has acquired a Mid-Atlantic accent. This has caused some player confusion regarding authenticity of words Lara says in-game, namely the word “buoy” that is typically pronounced as “boy” in a British accent. Regardless of these small mishaps, I give the voice acting as well as the dialogue a 7/10. Lara is constantly commenting on her plight, as well as conversing with other characters and it allows for a more immersive experience.

The story within “Tomb Raider” is very long. There are approximately 22 levels within the game, and at a leisurely playing pace, it takes about 20 hours to complete. This being said, I still enjoyed every hour of the game. The game lost some story points for me due to the predictability of the plot overall because I was able to identify that they landed on Yamatai and that the “friends” they meet there were not on their side. However, because of how engaging the characters, plot, and subplots were I give the game a 7.5/10.

The plot of “Tomb Raider” is not overly complex. The player must traverse a harsh climate, save Lara’s friends from cultists, fight a magical being, and get off the island. Each mission is rather straight forward, and in no way was I extremely confused or irritated with the plot. If anything, as stated above, the plot was a bit simplistic. Because of how easy it is to grasp and understand, I give the plot accessibility/understanding a 10/10 overall.

Did “Tomb Raider” (2013) kill the storyteller? I don’t think it did. The story isn’t new, it isn’t too flashy, and it is at times slow, but it keeps itself going. I think it told the storyteller to “just keep moving” and embrace the new narrative of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. I’m personally excited for the next installments to come.

Luna Letters: Treat Yourself

Hello students,

The sun is coming back! Isn’t that amazing? I think we should all take some time to nap in the sun if we can. My favorite way to nap in the sun is curled up near a window, so I can see the birds and not be in the snow. If you know of a window and you are not feeling well, consider a nap in the sun!

I believe the things called midterms are happening and many people do not want to do them. This is all right. I sometimes have to go to the vet for shots and that is not fun either, but it has to be done, and afterwards I get a treat from my mother. My last treat was a very nice egg.

You should get a treat as well, students! There are many good smelling places on campus. There are cafes and diners and even a food pantry! You could also go the FreeStore for some nice new clothes or stop at the museum for a quiet walk. I can’t go into the museum because I try to lick the displays, but walks are amazing! If you don’t want to nap in the sun, maybe you could walk in it instead. It has been much warmer lately.

I hope you will do well because I think you are amazing! Even if you don’t do well, there are always treats and friends and nice places to be in the sun.



Sun Star Picks, Feb. 27 – March 5

Tuesday, February 27

Experience Yoga with Nga in the SRC Fitness Studio 7:30-8:30 p.m. The event is open to anyone of any level of experience. Being able to touch your toes is not required. Ali Macrae / Staff Reporter


Wednesday, February 28

Hearing people’s first hand accounts of civil unrest, violence, and injustice helps to ground the event in reality and humble the listener. They can also inspire and motivate others to take action in their own lives. From 7-8 p.m. at the pub, come see a screening of Damon Davis’ Ted Talk “Courage is Contagious,” which goes over his experience at the Ferguson riots, and then stick around afterwards for a Q&A with Davis himself. *This event is 21+ Alex Frania / Photo Editor


Thursday, March 1

The Resource and Advocacy Center is hosting Art Group from 1-2 p.m. in their office, Wood Center RAC room 130! – Ali Macrae / Staff Reporter

Friday, March 2

Happy First Friday Fairbanks! To all my art minded people who can get off campus today, swing on by Denali State Bank on Airport Road from 4-6 p.m. to see a series of paintings by local artist Carol Wilbur. This collection is the “Aura Series” and will be available for viewing for one time. However, I know there are also art minded folks who can’t get off campus today, so don’t forget about our student artists! The Peter MacKeith Photography Exhibition will be in Arctic Java tonight from 5-7 p.m. Head on over for what’s sure to be a killer opening reception. – Kyrie Long / Editor-in-Chief

Saturday, March 3

If your schedule looks anything like mine, then you either just got done with some of your exams or you have exams coming up, or maybe both! Either way, today is Saturday and it’s a good idea to give yourself a little rest. Luckily, Marvel’s latest movie, Black Panther, is getting amazing reviews so now is the perfect time to grab a couple of friends and go enjoy a movie, and get that last burst of energy you need to make it through to Spring Break. – Ben Ellis / Web Editor

Sunday, March 4

This day in history Queen Elizabeth II knighted Charlie Chaplin, so why not curl up and watch “The Kid” by Charlie Chaplin and enjoy your Sunday? Remember, Spring Break is only a week away!Cheyenne Corty / Layout Editor


Monday, March 5

Mondays can be rough when you have to get back on track after a fun and exciting weekend. Grab some coffee from Arctic Java and head over to the library to study. My favorite spot is in a cubby on the sixth floor where I can better focus without any distractions. Or head to the Nook in Bunnell and bust out that paper that’s due for midterms. – Caitlin Miller / Managing Editor