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Letter to the Editor: Alyse and Bengt

I told my friend Bengt, a long-time Alaskan now living in Minnesota, that people generally say students don’t understand the issues and don’t vote, especially in Mid-term elections. Bengt reminded me that in 1982...

Op-Ed: Surviving white feminism as a “minority” 0

Op-Ed: Surviving white feminism as a “minority”

When I signed up for my first women and gender studies class I was ecstatic. You can imagine the joy of a blossoming activist, receiving what is promoted to be a professional education. However,...


Letter to the Editor, April 17

Dear Editor, Throughout college careers, students study many important subjects – English, Mathematics, History, Business, Communication, Science, Engineering, etc. However, one thing many college students don’t study is how to effectively manage their money...