Cleo’s Corner; bi-weekly intuitive messages

This week’s message is all about health. The cosmos would like you to consider your surroundings, the circles you keep, the activities you participate in, the words you speak…are these endeavors building you up or bringing you down? While your physical health is important, your mental and emotional well-being is just as vital to living a healthy, thriving life, and accomplishing your goals.

The cosmos would like you to pay attention to the words you speak, both to yourself and to others. Are you someone who highlights the positive aspects in others or do you first point out their flaws? Do you address others by complimenting what they have or are doing well, or do you focus on what is lacking or yet to come? It’s not that you are trying to be negative or hurtful, perhaps you aren’t even consciously aware that your words are being malproductive.

Much like a virus, negative self-talk can be contagious and can spread rapidly. When we use words that focus on the flaws of ourselves or of others, we begin to believe we are those flaws. Something as simple as saying “I never get things right” or “I didn’t get it right this time, but next time perhaps I will” can make the difference between feeling like a failure, or simply feeling like you can do better the next time around.

This week try taking an extra second or two before you comment on something, whether to yourself or someone else, and try turning every could-be negative into a should-be positive. This may seem cliche, but the words we speak become the words we believe, so if you’d like to believe in the best parts of yourself and others, than you have everything to gain by giving it a try!

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