Cleo’s Corner: Bi-weekly intuitive messages

This week’s message is about speaking your truth. Now is the time to revaluate your habits when it comes to communication. Communication, just like any other behavior, can become habitual. You may respond to certain questions, tasks, or conflicts in the same manner that you have been doing for years. It may be difficult to recognize such habits right away, but the cosmos would like you to take time to be reflective of your conversations over the coming week. Realize areas where you continue to respond in the same manner, and contemplate if your responses are actually in line with your truth.

Your truth may be how you feel, what motivates you, how you would like to be perceived, or what is actually at the root of your expressions. For many of us, we have “learned” responses; responses that have been programmed in our minds through repeated actions, or consequences. These responses are often vague, disingenuous, or counter-productive to how we actually feel.

Pay attention to your conversations this week; start with the small ones, the ones that seem insignificant at first. The bus driver asked how your day was; how did you respond? Did you give a “learned” response and say something generic like “good” or “fine”? Is that how you really feel? All too often we foster the notion that casual encounters or inquiries such as “how are you?” are undeserving of sincere responses. Practically speaking, you may not have the time to describe your day in length to the bus driver, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t give a bonafide answer to how your day is or how you are actually feeling about it.

By reflecting on your smaller, seemingly less important conversations and practicing sincerity, you allow yourself the room and mental awareness to spread this behavior into your more significant interactions; these interactions may be conversations with your advisors, your family, or your romantic partner.

Speaking your truth is important, but it is equally as important to “know” your truth. You may have responded the same way to conflict with your friends or partner for years, and perhaps those interactions were true, but your truth can and likely will change over time. Holding on to old habits may not be the most productive or satisfying. As you grow and learn, so too should your communication skills.

Over the next week, pay attention to where your communication may be causing roadblocks in your relationships. When a friend or loved one expresses concern about something you are doing, do you try to maintain objectivity, or do you immediately respond with defense? It isn’t always easy to listen to criticism, especially if it comes from people you care about, but it is important to remember that these people are your friends and loved ones, and not your enemies. It is unlikely that they are out to get you, or see you sad. If they are expressing a concern with you in a constructive manner, try to remember that they are doing so BECAUSE they care about you, and would like their relationship with you to continue to flourish.

In short, take this week to really listen to yourself. Don’t let communication daunt you, but do take the time to reflect on what is actually true for you, and what may simply be a forced habit. Share your thoughts and feelings sincerely, and when others share theirs, try to remember that they are not your enemy, they love you, and they are likely just trying to do the same as you are, and speak their truth.

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