Cleo’s Corner; Bi-Weekly Intuitive Messages

Live in the Now. Many of us have heard it, seen it on bumper stickers and yoga shirts, but what does it really mean? This week’s message is about taking advantage of today. Yes, it is important to be present and to live each moment completely while you’re in that moment, but even more importantly is to take advantage of today; the day that you know for certain is already yours.

So what does this mean? It means, the friends that you haven’t seen in forever, the ones you keep telling yourself you should “get together with soon,” the brothers or sisters you keep reminding yourself to call, the project that you’re waiting for the perfect time to begin. It means the box of things in your closet that you haven’t sorted in ages, or the dog that you’re reminded is aging daily and would really love extra snuggle time or longer walks. It means for all of these things, do them today, do them now.

It’s in our human nature to foolishly believe that we always have “tomorrow”, but like the old adage tells us, tomorrow isn’t promised, all you have for certain is today, right now, this very moment. Don’t make yourself paranoid that the world is ending tomorrow, and everything that you’ve ever wanted to do or say, must be done this very instant, but do make time in your day to actually follow-through with the many things that you save for “tomorrow.”

Everyone has things that keep them busy, events that tie-them up, or moments that are more, or less convenient for socializing or getting things done, but remember that today is YOUR day, gift yourself with a few moments to tell your mom you love her, call your childhood friend and say hello, or spend an extra five minutes playing with your furry-friend. After all, tomorrow isn’t promised, but today is yours forever.

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