Club Spotlight: Aurora aerial silks club

The Aurora Aerial Silks Club (back row, from left to right) Audrey Rowe, Kelvin Rogers, Odyssey Gade, Ron Casto, Melissa Clark, Shelby McCahon (center row, from left to right) BobbiLou Burbanks, Kennedy Demboski (front row, from left to right) Irina Sweedle, Sarah Hanna, Alisa Thiede pose for a group photo during their meeting.

As members of the club twirl in the air, sudden drops from up high are common for the Aurora Aerial Silks Club. Members hang out joking and listening to music while teaching newcomers tricks and safety. They welcome each new person who enters the room and set them up with their own set of silks. While learning their first pose, newcomers get advice from different people so they can find the best way for their body to move. Members sometimes compare their poses to each other and laugh at the other’s reaction.

“The biggest [goal] is to have fun as a community and a group,” president of the club Ron Castro said.

Castro also discussed the athleticism required and the intensity of performing on silks for other people.

“I think that goes along with any performance though,” Castro said. “You do get that anxiety. For me I’m afraid of heights, but when I’m in the silks, I have no problem. When you take that official step and you look up, that’s all you can think ‘oh god this is super high,’ but then the adrenaline starts pumping; you start to get into your sequence, and you start to familiarize with what you’re doing, and it’s like you’re a whole new person.”

The silks club performs at Spring Fest, Popcon, and various other showcases. They work to expand their repertoire for future shows. The members perfect each move more and more with every passing moment, all with a look of intensity on their faces.

The Aurora Aerial Silks club meets twice a week on Mondays and Saturdays from 8-10 p.m. in the Student Recreation Center. Any student can test their skills twice to see if they would like to join. If so, then it is a $20 fee per semester.

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