Club Spotlight: Club Français

Students gather for Club Français.

Club Français is made up of a diverse group of people at all levels of speaking. Some members are from Quebec, one member has gone on a mission in France, while many members are studying French at UAF. Some members bring food and snacks to share.

The members started off Monday’s meeting by throwing around ideas for the up and coming Club and Cultural Fair. They decided to show the French flag, entering the fashion show sporting a French ensemble, and handing out information about the club. During lulls in the decision making process, they conversed with one another in French.

One of the ways that the members practiced their French was playing games. During game time there were a few games set out to choose from: Taboo, Battle Ship, and Werewolves. Two members played Battle Ship while others played Werewolves. In the game Werewolves there are townsfolk, a witch, the mayor, a child, and werewolves. the werewolves’ goal is to turn or kill everyone else, townsfolk just want to survive, and the witch can revive someone if they died. The game is a narrative and is spoken completely in French by the players

Learning French is the main reason for this club but the the main goal according to the president Hannah Garrish, is to “help people communicate.” Learning a language can be hard and the members of Club Français want to make it so those who join the club can be confident in what they have learned. Club Français meets Mondays from 7-9 p.m. They are open open to the public. For more information on Club Français readers can visit their Facebook or Orgsync.

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