Club Spotlight: Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking

Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking is a club that anyone can visit to talk about economics in a respectful environment. Meetings start out with a set or rules about respect, such as waiting in queue and not talking over one another. Members have a specific set of hand gestures to know when people want to speak next or add a comment to the current discussion. Economics Professor Sherri Wall created the club as a way to connect with her students more.

“SWEET has been fabulous, this is my favorite time of the week, engaging with the best and the brightest students on campus from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Plus, we have had dozens of speaks come up,” Wall said. “I initially started SWEET because I wanted a forum to interface with some of these fantastic students I encountered in class.”

Before each meeting they decide on a topic, read up on it, and then discuss it at the next meeting. Members at the March 11 meeting discussed the pay gap between men and women UBER drivers. Past discussions have included Free, Fair and SMART Trade, Sam’s Club Catastrophe, and Alaska Gasoline Development Corporation (AGDC) Natural Gas Pipeline Agreement with China Sinopec.

SWEET is a way for students to keep up with economic news and give or form opinions about these current events.

“Economic discussion,” said Destiny Dowling, the club president, “is the goal of the club.”

SWEET meets in the Kayak Room in the Library every Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. The club is open to the public, and they provide dinner for those who join them. Though Professor Wall will no longer be working at UAF after this semester it is currently unknown if SWEET will continue.

For more information about SWEET readers can visit their OrgSync or their blog.

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