First senate meeting of semester sees appointments

At the senate meeting held on Sunday Jan. 21 at 4:09 p.m., Senate Chair Samuel Mitchell entertained a motion to amend the agenda to add nominations for the Student Affairs Committee Chair under consideration of appointments.

Concerns as to whether or not it was a good choice to make a decision on a new Student Affairs committee chair were voiced by Senator Sierra Von Hafften. This was based on the fact that there were senators that were missing from the meeting at that time.

The matter was settled quickly by Vice President Mann who stated: “For a point of information, our bylaws state that the replacement for chair positions will be decided at the next regular senate meeting. The rules just say at the next regular meeting, so just follow the rules.”

Oath Of Office

Elected Senators Audrey Kirby and Samuel Nicholes took their oaths of office and business resumed. Brian Reggiani, one of the guests in attendance, introduced himself as being interested in being appointed to to the Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Energy Board.

Consideration of Appointments

The senate took time to look over Reggianis resume, which highlighted his employment at UAF Department of Recreation and Wellness as an Outdoor Adventures Student Assistant and four semesters on the Chancellors list. His appointment was moved to the Executive Committee to be reviewed further.

Senator Hannah Smith was nominated by Sen. Von Hafften to become the new Student Affairs committee chair, which was then seconded by Senator Diana Ramstad. Smith’s appointment was moved to confirmation of appointments for voting.

Officer Reports

Senate Chair Mitchell stated he is working hard to track down the travel applications and other various bills lost from that week of the previous semester.

Both President Molly O’Scannell and Vice President Dawson Mann accomplished the hiring of the new Government Relations Director Jack Decorso, who attended the first senate meeting of the semester and voiced his eagerness to begin his new position.

Student Advocacy Director Bernard Aoto opened the ASUAF office on Jan. 14 in support of New Student Orientation, where he gave each group of students an overview of what ASUAF has to offer and his position.

Confirmation of Appointments

The vote that took place in appointing Senator Smith as the new Student Affair committee chair was unanimous.


ASUAF Senate meeting times were reiterated and confirmed to continue to take place at 4 p.m. on Sundays, and the meeting was adjourned at 4:41 p.m. The meeting, the first official one of 2018, lasted only 32 minutes, a record time for student government this school year.

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