Food for thought, addressing students needs on campus

The senate meeting held on April 1 was considered to be, according to the Office Manager Kori Hensell, one of the shortest meetings she has been to. Aside from brevity, the meetings primary agenda involved the appointment of a new member to the Food for Thought committee. Sen. Diana Ramstad was confirmed to the committee on a majority vote after ample prompting by sens. Benjamin Boswell, Audrey Kirby, and Sierra von Hafften on her platform for improvements to the FFT committee’s agenda.

“We’re here to help students,” Ramstad stated after concluding her poised renunciation of reasons for wanting to joining the FFT committee.

Sen. Ramstad identified four major problems she would like to see addressed. Firstly, the “one size fits all” tendency of the campus dorms. Secondly, the exorbitant pricing at the campus cache and lack thereof of desired items. Thirdly, Ramstad would like to see birth control discussed more on campus and for students to have more adequate ways to obtain birth control and condoms. Finally, she would like to improve on student access and knowledge of the food pantry on campus.

On A Second Reading

The bill SB 190-018 was passed unanimously by the senate, a bill meant to cut costs by combining the positions of senate clerk and ASUAF office assistant to create a new position, namely, ASUAF clerk. This suggested consolidation of positions would account for an approximate decrease of $30,000 to ASUAF’s subsequent fiscal year budget.

The compounding of staff positions and conservation of funds is a campus-wide phenomenon weaving its way into all parts of UAF’s academic lives even to the point of touching the student government. This bill is purely a bylaw change of position, as stated by Office Manager Hensell, and will not affect the current budget.

Auxiliary Business

This next Sunday, senators will be choosing their top picks for the ASUAF Faculty and Staff awards. Each year one member of the UAF staff and one faculty member are honored with this reward at an event on April 21. The requirements for these rewards are quite broad, though concern was raised about whether the faculty reward is open to adjunct professors. It was assumed that any and all instructors would be considered.

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