From the Archives, Nov.18, 1946: ‘What do you think?’

Polar Star

There are probably quite a few individuals on the campus who are wondering what the complete score is on the proposed amendments to the ASUA constitution and why an independent group makes these proposals. We have investigated completely and, after thinking the whole idea over, from a point of common logic, we hasten to present our conclusions.

The time has come for representative student government. Since we are growing in numbers, and will continue to grow, the time has come for all things of an old and outmoded nature to make a graceful exist: old regimes, old ideas, and those things of an antique nature which were sufficient for yesterday. The existing conditions in ASUA meetings cannot correct themselves, and even we ourselves cannot correct them, because most discussions from the floor are from a personal point of view with the common good as a secondary feature. The larger the Association grows the larger will be the divergences of personal opinions until a common opinion ceases to exist. We are well on our way toward this general falling apart and disunity. Each meeting is worse than the one of the previous week but oh we go: clacking our tongues and deciding nothing.

The group who proposed setting up a student council realized that to go on in this way was to make another mark in the obituary of ASUA. They propose a student council whose specific duties are to expedite that business which does not belong on the floor of an ASUA meeting and that business which is directly responsible for the present dissension.

When these amendments are put before the ASUA for a vote it is you who will decide the issue. If you vote for adopting the amendments, then you are voting for a progressive student organization. If you reject it you are giving your support to the present static organization, which cannot possibly continue in its present condition.

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