Game Grief: ‘Friday the 13th’

While I am not usually one for strictly online games “Friday the 13th” the game offers hours of tense fun with a very simple premise: survive. My love of classic slasher films and some Sony rewards led me to purchase this game on a whim. Not really sure what to expect of this game, hearing relatively nothing about it, I was instantly hooked.

If you are looking for a game with a story mode that follows movies this isn’t the game for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy being stalking your friends at creepy campsites, and being stalked then this is the one for you. The game is relatively simple and straight forward; it consists of various classics locations such as Camp Crystal Lake and Higgins Haven, as well as eight player lobbies.

Once in game, players take turns playing as Jason Voorhees or one of camp counselors. All the basic horror tropes are covered, from the frat boy to the artsy outcast girl, you have 24 minutes to survive, escape, or kill Jason. Starting with nothing players have to frantically sneak, run and hide while trying to avoid grizzly death. By searching the cabins players find weapons, fire crackers and parts to fix vehicles to escape.

Killing Jason much like in the movies, is nearly impossible, but can be done. If you find a telephone then you can call the police, but you still have to get to them, and wait for them to get there. As the match goes on Jason becomes more powerful, giving a real sense of urgency to get away or stay hidden.

While playing as Jason you goal is simple: kill everyone. From classic kills ripped straight from the movies (spear through the tent) to new and inventive environmental kills(face first in a fire place), this game offers hours of dark fun. Using points earned in matches unlocks different version of Jason throughout the long franchise. Each on has there own strengths and weakness, as well as their own signature kills.

The grainy filter of the game gives it the feeling of playing through a classic VHS on and old television. The soundtrack is perfect, tense and eerie, and even some original songs in the theme of “Friday the 13th.”

While there are not yet many maps, and no add-ons planned yet, it has not detoured players from flocking to this game. Many of the early bugs are now fixed. Some of the glitches allowed players to hide in-between walls and ruined the fun of being Jason. Hopefully now that the early glitches are fixed, that means that the developers are working on new maps or even some new gaming modes.

If you missed this one this summer, I would highly recommend picking it up for those dark night that are coming if you enjoy a scare. I would give this 8/10, with lots of potential to grow.

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