Government confirms non-traditional senator, reaches out to veterans

Non-traditional Senator

Senators confirmed Diana Ramestad to the senate this week. Ramestad is a non-traditional student living at the dorms and is the only student currently serving on the senate who could be considered non-traditional.

“As a non-traditional student who lives in the dorms, I’m really passionate about representing the non-traditional students, and as a socialist, I’m really passionate about people and helping other people,” Ramestad said.

Vice President Dawson Mann praised the fledgling senator for her work as an acting senator last week and believes she will do a good job for the students.

“You’ve done a great job in here [ASUAF] over the last week, and I think you’ll do a fantastic job as a full senator,” Mann said.

Veteran Resources

Senator David Ambrose discussed the Vietnam Veterans of America being moved off campus. Ambrose is concerned that the administration is not being honest about the reasons for this abrupt change.

“I met with them down at the National Guard office on Thursday,” Ambrose reported. “To sum it up, it looks like there are some misdeeds going on by the administration. There is an investigation going on by the state of Alaska into UAF and the VA.”

Early in September, the Vietnam Veterans of America office housed at the university was given a notice to vacate their offices immediately, with little explanation given to them, according to Ambrose. Many students that rely on those offices are upset, and Ambrose said he is working to address those concerns.

Food Committee

Bernard Aoto was considered for an appointment to the Food for Thought Committee. Aoto, currently a sophomore at UAF in the political science department, seeks a position through the student government to obtain a better working knowledge of the organization and its policies.

“From what I understand, the Food for Thought Committee is a committee that listens to the voice of the students as far as dorms are considered,” Aoto said, elaborating “dorm life, and as far as food is concerned, for the cafeteria. And I think that’s an important committee to have, and a thing that should have been implemented a while ago.”

Aoto has experience as a barracks manager at Fort Wainwright and believes this experience will serve the committee well in establishing a dialogue between students and staff.

“When I was stationed at Fort Wainwright, I was a member of the barracks and was the barracks manager. The position is basically to hear out the concerns of the solders in the barracks, voice it to the command, and try and get fixes in,” Aoto said.

Aoto’s appointment was sent to the Executive Committee for further discussion and review.

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