Letter to the Editor: Alyse and Bengt

I told my friend Bengt, a long-time Alaskan now living in Minnesota, that people generally say students don’t understand the issues and don’t vote, especially in Mid-term elections. Bengt reminded me that in 1982 students rallied around Niilo Koponen’s campaign with such outstanding support that he was easily elected to the Alaska Legislature, and was re-elected for a decade.

Bengt suggested that the University of Alaska students might rally in the same way around Alyse Galvin’s campaign for the US Congress. If so, they could contribute in a major way finally to provide a term limit for “What’s his Name” who has been in office far too long already. I agree with Bengt; I have to because he has good ideas.

Some students met with Alyse Galvin during her “Town Hall” meeting on 12 October in Wood Center.

Carl S. Benson, Ph.D.
Professor of Geology