Letters from the editor: Going digital

Since the 1981 merger of the Northern Sun and the Polar Star, the Sun Star has been a regular fixture here on campus.  Even with the change to the biweekly publication last year, we were still present in stands inside of buildings and in kiosks outside of them.  However, this semester, those papers have been missing.  The reason is not that we’ve disappeared into the woods, never to be seen again, or that we simply flew into the sky one day.  Instead, we’ve gone digital.

What this means is that there is no longer a print edition of the newspaper.  Instead, all of our stories, all of the comics our freelancers make, letters to and from the editor, it all goes up directly onto the website.  In addition to the unparalleled joy of being able to make constant semi-accurate Matrix references, the biggest thing that this move does for us is it gives us more freedom in the kind of content that we create.

I will definitely admit that there is a part of me that will miss the print editions of the newspaper.  Carrying stacks of 200 papers up and down the campus, depositing them everywhere I go like a more journalism-focused take on Johnny Appleseed was always a fun part of my job.  Sitting down afterward and opening up a paper, seeing the stories that I and my coworkers wrote and edited all laid out was always satisfying.  However, in the end, I recognize the benefits that this change gives us, and I look forward to everything we now have the opportunity to do.

If a student us sends us an email with footage of a speaker who came up to UAF, or if a club approaches us with twenty pictures from one of their events, we can now look at running it on our main method of delivery.  There are no longer concerns of printing costs of a dozen color pictures or following material laws as they pertain to video in a print newspaper.

This also gives us freedom from the previous print schedule, where everything had to be done Sunday night and specifically Sunday night.  We can now deliver content and news to the students and faculty of UAF on a more regular basis, with a work schedule that reflects that.

What this means, however, is that we need more of this content.  More pictures, more video, and of course, more stories.  You can email us at editor@uafsunstar.com, or you can drop by our freelancer meetings every Tuesday at 1:00.  If you have content you’re looking to publish, or are looking to create content, if you have ideas for what the Sun Star could do, even if you just have some questions about the paper, let us know.  Our format may be all digital now, but our mission statement to be a reliable and stimulating student-produced news publication is still painted on the wall.  And that’s not going to be changing anytime soon.