Letters from the Editor: Good tidings

]I’ve made it no secret that I’m not particularly good at handling the holiday season. I’m by no means a Grinch, but I’ve historically had a rough time during the month leading up to December and pushing through these last weeks towards finals. This year, however, I find myself in good (albeit exhausted) company, for all the worst reasons.

This year has been wild and not just here on campus where years of consecutive budget woes have every organization on edge and every department chair wondering if their department is next for the axe. Natural disasters have hit us like a boxing match for the globe is taking place, sexual harassment allegations are pouring out of every corner, and it’s been a full year but I’m still constantly bombarded with new stories about last year’s election.

I understand the exhaustion. I work at a newspaper and even I find it difficult to wake up in the morning and look to my laptop for the answer to the dreaded question: what happened to the world while I was asleep?

In a way, I think it’s one of the downsides to globalization. Sure, thousands of years ago there were still fires, flooding, and war, but thousands of years ago I didn’t wake up to a Twitter feed of every available news source with coverage of the distress, complete with live footage.

However, there is still something important to be gained from access to this knowledge. That aching you feel when you wake up to tragedy being broadcast comes from a place of human empathy. We’re more interconnected today than we ever have been and with that comes opportunity: the opportunity to donate, the opportunity to volunteer, or even just the opportunity to acknowledge and recognize someone else’s struggles.

That, for me, is the backbone of truly good media. Good media recognizes struggles and achievements, then seeks to acknowledge it.

It’s our last newspaper of the semester and while I find myself wishing the entire UA system were in a better situation with regards to the budget we’ve been allotted, time spent whining about money is time waster. It’s in troublesome times, when we find ourselves the most worn down and exhausted, that it’s most crucial to push onward.

This year, I’ve worked with some amazingly hardworking and committed people. As I type this, one of my editorial staff has returned from a two and a half hour meeting to write it up before deadline. Another has been staring at a computer screen for seven hours adjusting margins and trying to catch some of those last, fleeting errors that mean so much in the final product. Then there’s the people who wrote stories, took photos, contributed advertising, sent in letters, and agreed to be interviewed.

Of course, there’s our readership, without whom this paper wouldn’t have an audience and thus wouldn’t exist. Whenever I’ve felt down or weary this semester I think about that readership and about all of our contributors. You remind me that there is a crucial purpose in producing good media.

I’m personally walking into the holiday season with the drive to continue producing good media for all of our readers. Whatever your goals, I hope you meet them and I hope this season brings you some good news and better peace of mind.

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