Local Band Spotlight : The Dilemma

By Di Rupp

Local band The Dilemma mesmerized the UAF Pub this past Friday, drawing in an immense crowd with their dreamy vocals and chilly riffs. After catching up with the band post show, we sat down to discuss some of the finer points of the bands history, musical inspirations, and more.

What initially inspired the formation of The Dilemma?

“We started playing together by chance. Alex and I (Alisha) were covering Arctic Monkeys one year for the cover up. One of our guitarists had to drop out, and our friend Wes told us that Josh would be able to fill in. After the cover up, Josh asked Luke to come jam with us. Right away we all just clicked musically. Our song Biped Ungrateful was the first song we ever wrote together. We haven’t changed it much from that first time. It is incredible to be able to just feel out the music together.”

What are your musical influences?

“We all have different musical influences, and I think that really shows in our music. A few musicians that I would say we all have been influenced by are Radiohead and Queens of the Stone Age. I (Alisha) tend to draw from minimalist, post rock, jazz, and shoegaze influences. Alex listens to a lot of jazz, ambient and trip hop but also grew up listening to alot of 80’s metal. Josh derives most of his musical inspiration from jrpgs and Noam Chomsky.”

What directions do you see yourselves going in musically? Do you have any particular style you’re trying to aspire towards?

“We have thought about this question a lot. I think that we all really love that our music isn’t necessarily confined to one genre. We have the start of a song and we all come together, and just let the song become what it becomes. We are always trying to expand our boundaries with music, we always want to be experimenting.”

What are your dreams for the band? Do you plan to keep it local?

“Right now, our main goal is to finish our album. We are in the final steps of finishing our first full length album. And we still have more songs we haven’t even started to record. When we are finished recording, I can definitely see us taking a summer tour in the states. Right now, we just want to keep making music, and see what happens”

Do you have any other shows coming up?

“We have been taking it pretty slow show wise this winter. But, we do have a Facebook page (The Dilemma) where we post about any upcoming shows and album progress.”