Luna Letters: Stop and smell the leaves

Hello student,

When I am out for a walk on campus, I sometimes see you walk by with a sad face. I try to approach you, but I am often stopped by my leash or my mother. You look like you could use a friend!

I hear that college is very hard. I understand. Being a puppy is also very hard. I sometimes climb the same stairs as you and it makes me so tired. They are so steep! I can’t believe you are able to climb them while carrying heavy books and bags. One day, I will be as strong as you are!

When I am having a hard time, I sometimes like to sit in the grass and smell the leaves that just fell off the trees. You should try it. It is awfully fun.

I guess I just wanted to tell you, human, that you should not be sad. I love you, so you should love you too, because you are AWESOME!



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