Luna Letters: Treat Yourself

Hello students,

The sun is coming back! Isn’t that amazing? I think we should all take some time to nap in the sun if we can. My favorite way to nap in the sun is curled up near a window, so I can see the birds and not be in the snow. If you know of a window and you are not feeling well, consider a nap in the sun!

I believe the things called midterms are happening and many people do not want to do them. This is all right. I sometimes have to go to the vet for shots and that is not fun either, but it has to be done, and afterwards I get a treat from my mother. My last treat was a very nice egg.

You should get a treat as well, students! There are many good smelling places on campus. There are cafes and diners and even a food pantry! You could also go the FreeStore for some nice new clothes or stop at the museum for a quiet walk. I can’t go into the museum because I try to lick the displays, but walks are amazing! If you don’t want to nap in the sun, maybe you could walk in it instead. It has been much warmer lately.

I hope you will do well because I think you are amazing! Even if you don’t do well, there are always treats and friends and nice places to be in the sun.