Management changes for Wood Center coffee shop

Coffee dispensers at the Artic Java stand. Chartwells, the company that is incharge of dining on campus, as of March 1 switched over Arctic Java to the ownership of North Pole Coffee Roasting Company.

On March 1, Arctic Java switched management from Chartwells to North Pole Coffee Roasting Company. Though prices have not yet been altered, Arctic Java has undergone some transformation in the past month.

The coffee shop on the first floor of Wood Center has been open since the building was remodeled in 2013. Chartwells was contracted to supply food services to the university in 2015, which is when the company took over management of Arctic Java. The dining services company remained in charge until this March. While officials overseeing the transfer in management were not available for comment, students noticed changes in the coffee hub.

Kelly Morgan, a psychology major, noticed “new people working back there.”

Rachel Bruesch, a civil engineer major, said she also noticed new baristas are now working alongside the old ones.

“They can wear jeans, they can accept tips, they can wear different hats, and they can wear their own kind of shoes,” said Audrey Kirby, a biology major, where before Arctic Java workers had to wear all black and non-slip shoes, as is common of the Chartwells uniform.

Thus far, some of the artificial changes that Arctic Java has undergone are the position of the drip coffee, and the use of domed lids for every cold drink. Student feelings toward this change were varied, although centered more around shop management than the physical changes.

“I don’t really feel anything toward’s it, I feel like it will still be the same,” said Morgan, regarding the coffee shop.

Kirby felt more strongly. “I love it,” she said. “I was not a fan of Chartwells.”

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