Nook On The Street, Dec. 12

This week KTVA reported Rep. Dean Westlake, from Alaska, is alleged to have made unwanted sexual advances on a woman. This week we asked students: In light of similar accusations being made nationwide this year, what do you think of the influx of allegations in regards to misconduct and harassment?

“I think it’s a snowball effect. Once one person speaks out it makes it easier for other women to do the same and I really think that the current state of people being very honest about what’s happened to them, and very open and not ashamed of sharing what’s happened to them is a good step in the right direction.”

Naimy Schommer, sophomore, English

“I feel like when someone makes an allegation it’s something to take seriously, and it should be investigated, but because there have been so many recently it does sort of make me skeptical, that all of a sudden they’re all coming out all at once. That being, said I still feel like it’s worth investigating.”

Parker Stone, freshman, wildlife biology

“I think that bringing all of these things to light now is really encouraging: that people are willing to step up and do it, that the response of people around the country is really encouraging, that representatives and senators are actually having to own up to what they’re doing and that the country’s overall in support of it is just really encouraging. And good for the country, the state of Alaska, and for women and men in general.”

Molly O’Scannell, junior, political science

“I think that it’s weird because these things are happening, but they’re really only being brought to light more recently and I think its good that these people are being brought to justice, but it brings up this weird conversation of why is this just being talked about now?”

Katherine Leinberger, sophomore, secondary education

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