Nook on the Street, Dec. 5

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers should allow customers access to all services on all sites no matter the site or internet application, without additional costs. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, has recently announced plans to repeal net neutrality. This week we asked students: Based on what you know about net neutrality, what do you think about the proposition to repeal it?

“I feel like the internet is very open place, that has pros and cons. I definitely enjoy the fact that it’s an open place, and you can achieve so much through using the internet, so if there is anything that gets in the way of that I would inevitably accept it and try to work with it to still get the most out of it. But if it where my choice I think that the internet should stay neutral and open for everyone.”

Garrett Monroe, junior, English

“I’d say that repealing net neutrality favors a lot of larger companies and corporations. Keeping it favors the smaller companies, startups, it kind of keeps the playing field level for a lot of people, with repealing it would lead to a lot of larger companies gaining an advantage. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.”

Bailey Carter, junior, biology

“I think it’s important to keep net neutrality because it’s a way for people to let out their artistic thinking and if you ban [net neutrality] you would have to pay for subscriptions, which is stupid. Just keep it the way it is, it’s not broken.”

Andrew Vey, sophomore, business management

“I don’t want anyone to control my internet because if I want to watch something I’m going to watch something. I don’t like the idea of someone saying ‘No, don’t watch that, so we’re going to make it less speed and it will be harder to watch.’ Because then I’m not going to want to watch it, I’m going to watch something that doesn’t have to constantly buffer itself. So, I don’t like the proposal.”

Myha Cortez, sophomore, business

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