Nook on the Street, Jan. 28, 2018

The United States government shut down on midnight, Jan. 20, and reopened a few days later on Jan. 23, following a Senate vote. How did you feel about the shutdown?

“I think that a college campus is a difficult place to get a sense of people’s political opinions, based on the limited media sources that the people get their information from. I think that as soon as you get out of a structured environment such as this university, people have a more diversified platform from which to draw information. I think that the nature of school in general is less conducive to the kind of political opinions that you might be drawn to. Background is extremely important, it’s also important to gauge to what degree we should let our background and our personal opinions, which in nature are quite subjective, influence the way that we see these issues that affect everyone. The way that we operate on this campus, it is mRiley ore difficult to separate those things and make that boundary.”

Riley Jones

“I feel that it’s used as a weapon for either party to force the other one to vote on legislation that they otherwise would not. In this case, it was immigration. It was trapping the democrats to have to vote on it. It’s happened before too with the Obama administration. Every time I see that on the news I do think that’s unfortunate that they’re able to attach ‘hot button’ issues onto something to necessary, funding for the government. Sometimes I wish that there would a rule that when it comes to funding for the government that you’re unable to attach legislation that would otherwise be further debated, and they sort of force both parties to have to vote at that time about it.”

Reyce Bogardus

“I disagree with the shutdown. The government is for United States citizens and they stopped paying United States citizens in order to support people who aren’t U.S. citizens.”

Joel Ballot

“I think it’s wrong that they’d have to shut down the whole government like that, like that’s the only way to do it. It’s like ‘we’re going to move on our way,’ they couldn’t talk it out somehow? I believe that the Republicans are becoming too harsh on immigration. I believe that we should be letting people come in and get away from the bad environments in their own countries, if they come in legally. Stop being so harsh with it but just be thorough with who they’re letting in.”

Madeline Andriesen


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