Nook on the Street, March 6

Amid the dog doping scandal surrounding musher Dallas Seavey, which arose after last years Iditarod, PETA is in Alaska this year to protest the race. This week we asked students: In light of recent events what do you think about the Iditarod?

“That sounds really dangerous, and I feel really bad for the dogs. I still think the Iditarod is a good idea. It’s a way to commemorate what happened in the past. I don’t support drugging your dogs like that, but I don’t think we should protest the race as a whole.”

Sheridan Laapui, English, freshman

“I don’t have a strong opinion coming into this, but I don’t think they should protest the race; I think the race is fine. I think they should keep on with the race. I think they should protest that specific person and what he did.”

Nicholas Vanderhart, mechanical engineer, freshman

“I like going to it, it’s really nice to have it here. It’s just like any other sport: there’s always something that’s going to happen. It’s still the Iditarod.”

Stacia Cascio, civil engineering, senior

“Oh that’s sad, those poor puppies. There’re always drugging scandals.”

Ashley Thornton, foreign languages, senior

“I think it’s an Alaska Tradition, and it should keep going.”

John Oulton, justice, senior

“I mean it’s been going on for a very long time and I think something like that should be dealt with. It’s a long tradition that shouldn’t be messed with.”

Charlie Roberts, elementary education, senior

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