Nook On The Street, Nov. 14

On Nov. 2, during their last day of work, a Twitter employee deleted President Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account. The account has since been restored. This week we asked students: What do you think of the account being deleted?

“I think with a personal account, it depends on what basis it was deleted right? Was it just a personal interaction between, maybe, that individual and Donald Trump, or did they see something that was on his account that was against Twitter policy or Twitter guidelines? It depends on the basis on which they deleted it.”

Zach Wall, junior, political science

“I think since it wasn’t an official move by Twitter as a company, it was kind of out of line. They’re just an employee; it’s not their stuff to delete, and it’s kind of meaningless. It’s just them making a statement, not the company.”

Anders Parrott, senior, physics

“Deleting someone’s Twitter account, that’s kind of like deleting someone’s Facebook account; people can be kicked off of Facebook for these sort of things, and I do think that companies should have that right to kick people off, but I don’t know if [Trump] did anything that was so reprehensible in order to kick him off, in this specific instance.”

Claire-Elise Baalke, graduate student, English

“I think what the worker did was mainly a practical joke, putting their personal opinion on the matters at hand, and it was their last day of work, so they just did it. I don’t think they should get any punishment for it. It was a no harm, no foul kind of thing; it was easily restored, it only took ten minutes, so it seemed kind of a small issue.”

Bernard Aoto, sophomore, political science