Nook on the Street: Oct. 10, 2017

Last week on Sunday, Oct. 1, there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. This week we asked students, “How would you like to see societal leaders respond to this situation?”

“I’m not completely sure because I know a lot of people are talking about gun control right now, and especially here in Alaska that’s kind of a big thing. They talked about giving some kind of half measures sort-of, like eliminating certain stocks and stuff, and if they do something like that I’m fine with it, I don’t think people will really get that mad. But when they talk about a lot more serious gun control, I think especially here that will be more troublesome, so I don’t think they should really do it.”

Daniel Jones, sophomore, undeclared

“To be honest I had no idea that that happened last Sunday and so I can’t really say that I have an opinion on what they should do.”

Malik Hughes, junior, English

“I think that societal leaders should respond with grace, with respect to the families and friends of those who were lost, in not just this tragic event, but any and all shootings around the country and the world. I think that they should react with a sense of urgency; clearly there are some factors that were at play that aren’t fully being addressed right now. I feel like there needs to be more attention brought to the complacency of the public, seemingly, towards shootings. It shouldn’t be taken lightly and I think that when the public is becoming normalized by these kinds of violent acts. Thats when the urgency of it should be stepped up.”

Mikey Dewey, junior, digital journalism

“I think it’s heartbreaking and personally I believe it’s terrorism, as terrorism is actually committing an act that causes terror for the people.”

Sheridan Laapui, freshman, English

“Honestly I think world leaders should condemn this kind of action. Never has anything like this been okay to do, and I don’t think it’s something that should ever be accepted or tolerated. I don’t want things like this to continue, ever, in the future as much as the next person. How we’re going too solve that issue is anyone’s guess.”

Kelsey Nore, senior, film

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