Nook on the Street, Oct. 20

On Oct. 5, a story broke in The New York Times about media mogul Harvey Weinstein’s reported sexual harassment spanning decades. This investigation is still rolling, with more accusers stepping forward. This week we asked students, “What do you think of current protocol and support systems in place for those wishing to report sexual harassment?”

“I haven’t had to deal with that, not in my personal life, and the people close to me haven’t had to deal with that, so thankfully I’ve maintained a lot of distance from that. If that amount of abuse managed to go on for so long with no, um, if that managed to happen, then obviously systems are not as extensive or as robust as they could be, and I think we need to continue improving them constantly.”

Erik Grazulis, junior, English

“They’re good, but people hesitate to actually do it, because it’s very official-based and not friendly. It’s a lot of paperwork, and you go talk and many people don’t feel like sharing their story around so much. That’s why a lot of people won’t, or some people will and get really bad attention.”

Daniel Vaziri, sophomore, petroleum engineering

“There’s a lot more we can do to value as a society and a lot more emphasis we can place on good traits that are productive and proven to be healthy for relationships in general that is going to fix the problem as opposed to helping survivors of sexual assault, because that is like absolutely a symptomatic cure and absolutely is needed now, but ultimately is not going to be the cure to this problem.”

Spencer Nace, junior, psychology

“They obviously aren’t enough, because I mean it’s pretty prevalent in Hollywood and there are changes that need to be made to the system. It is way better compared to other countries like India, that’s where I’m from, where women have even less resources, so like you don’t go against… richer people, I guess?”

Akshay Ramachandran, junior, mining engineering

“I think we need to do better and that there needs to be stronger support for people to voice complaints and name perpetrators and that perpetrators need to have actionable consequences.”

Aurora Roth, alumni, geophysics

“I think there’s definitely a lot on campus available, but I don’t know if the students on campus know that they are readily available to report to.”

Sebastian Appelhanz, sophomore, psychology

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