Nook on the Street, Oct. 3, 2017

Tom Price resigned from being secretary of Health and Human Services on Friday, Sept. 29. This is the eighth high ranking official to resign or be fired since February. What do you think of these positions vacating?

1. “I think that it’s change, but who knows if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I think that the impact will effect a lot of people and it has different impacts but we’ll see how it goes.”

Angela Murnion, Biology

2. “I would say that it’s generally not a good sign because they are higher positions so people have to work hard to get there. So for them to willingly just give up and just not want anything to do with it probably doesn’t show that good things are happening in the higher grounds of our country, which doesn’t shock me because you always see people talking about what our President has to say on Twitter and his antics are constantly all over the news so it doesn’t really shock me but at the same time I try to have a positive mind on the light because we don’t know what’s going on and I hope the best because this is the country we all live in and if the top tiers of it are getting screwed up then the lower tiers are definitely going to get affected as well.

Madi Janes, Criminal Justice

3. “I just think that it shows a complete unpreparedness by the administration on doing research and doing the correct vetting of individuals to take these high ranking positions. I mean, you look at Betsy Devos, she’s still there unfortunately, but she’s completely out of touch with what most Americans tend to want. You look at how Murkowski voted “no” against her because she doesn’t represent what Alaskans need. Then you look at the “Mooch” or Scaramucci, he got fired before he even technically started the position, he got fired two days before his payroll began because he was calling journalists and just using a whole bunch of curse words and being completely inappropriate. Then you look at the unprofessional Price where he spent almost a million dollars on chartering jets and doing all these different things and I think it just shows that while the administration says they want to drain the swamp they seem to be pulling out a lot of swamp monsters.”

Brandt Lomen, Electrical Engineering

4. “I read a very interesting thing that basically said that the issue wasn’t what he was doing, the issue with the Trump administration, the issue was that it looked bad. There was something that the President said that was basically “Don’t make me look bad.” It’s very appearance based, which is interesting in of itself for obvious reasons, because of differing public perceptions. I think what Tom Price was doing was super scummy but I don’t things like that are as uncommon as people think. I mean that particular situation was extremely overt, chartering a private plane for his own use but with government money. That was super shady but I think the reason why he resigned was arguably not the plane issue, it was that it was found out and that it was a bad image.”

Duncan Fisher, Mechanical Engineering

5. “Based off the circumstances going on, it really doesn’t seem like there’s anything suspicious going on at all, whatsoever.”

Michael Baker, Mechanical Engineering

6. “I believe that this is one of the many signs that the White House is in shambles.”

Eldred Anthony