Nook on the street, Sept. 17, 2017

The Trump administration has proposed budget cuts for 2018 that will affect funding to HUD. HUD is the Housing and Urban Development program; among some of it’s roles is to provide assistance to people that have been displaced due to natural disasters. This week we asked students, given the recent hurricanes, Irma and Harvey, what are your thoughts on a proposed budget cut to HUD?

1. “I think that would be pretty messed up in general. My family was actually affected by hurricane Harvey, not my house, but I know many people that their houses were destroyed and I know it’s going to very hard for them to get their houses back and everything.”

Samantha Saccomen, freshmen, pre-veterinary track

2. ” I’m actually involved with Chi-Alpha here in Fairbanks, which is our campus ministry, and we’ve spent the last few weeks trying to raise money for the people who have been affected by these natural disasters. So, I think if we as churches and campus ministries, and Americans are willing to raise money to serve other people, than the government needs to be willing to spend money on that also.”

Kylie Wallace, sophomore, social-work

3. “Obviously that’s probably a bad idea, given the aforementioned references to the hurricanes, but both UAF and the government haven’t been doing too well at keeping their budgets intact lately. So, I think it would be best to consider cutting other areas of budget spending.”

Thomas Vorderbruggen, sophomore, Japanese studies

4. “I think there’s other places in the budget that can be cut instead of emergency housing funds.”

Tara Maricle, junior, art and Japanese.

5. “No, because we have that program for a reason. If you sit there and cut it entirely, then they don’t have that help.”

MiKaila Alexander, sophomore, psychology

6. “I think it’s kinda coincidental that these hurricanes happened when they did, but I also don’t understand why a cut would be necessary because it kinda defeats the purpose of helping a fellow American.”

Lauren Emmett, junior, psychology

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