Nook on the street, Sept. 26, 2017

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, Fairbanks is holding local elections. On this year’s ballot there is a proposition to ratify a petition requesting that marijuana establishments be prohibited in Fairbanks. This week we asked students, “what do you think of this?”

“I strongly oppose that. I feel like the war on drugs in general has largely targeted the less financially affluent and the minorities.”

Dezmond Ticknor, sophomore, mechanical engineering

“I think it’s pretty ridiculous. It’s been proven over and over again that marijuana freedom works. It’s economically viable, it’s self-sustaining, it’s a tax benefit. In Colorado, it’s created a great economic boom, something Fairbanks could benefit from.”

Lukash Platil, sophomore, biology

“Vote no marijuana. I don’t really think it’s needed for us to have marijuana accessibility, unless it’s for health problems like people who are in the hospital, but I feel like a lot of people here do use marijuana and abuse it.”

Kyla Test, sophomore, elementary education

“First of all I think that if you agree with something strongly, then you should definitely go vote for it. That’s a note to myself as well. But I definitely don’t agree with the use of marijuana and the selling of it. I don’t think it’s something that people need to go after, or need, unless it’s medical.”

Braxton Zweifel, freshman, elementary education

“So I was raised by an alcoholic/drug abuse counselor and so I always hear people say that marijuana is good for you and that there’s a lot of good benefits, but I honestly don’t believe that… and I don’t think that having stores that sell it is a good idea. Fairbanks already has enough problems with drugs and I don’t think it would be beneficial to the community.”

Zoey Hensley, freshman, art

“I think economically Fairbanks would benefit from having those establishments available to the public. I believe that it helps prevent people being incarcerated for just small things, rather than major crimes.”

Phoenix Williams, sophomore, music education

“I believe marijuana establishments should be in place. If you put it on the legal market, it will be taken off the black market more. Also if there’s sales taxes on that product, then there’s tax revenue from that and also lower incarceration rates.”

Mitchell Hendrick, sophomore, electrical engineering

“So, I think we don’t know as much as about the marijuana issue as we think we know. There’s a lot more to marijuana. There’s concentrates out there that have extremely high contents of THC, which we don’t even know the effects of those on people, and they could be dangerous. I think it ought to be illegal to sell drugs in Fairbanks.”

Daniel Dougherty, sophomore, mechanical engineering

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