Police Blotter: August 29 – September 5

Sexual Assault

9/3/2017 2:32 a.m. – Alaska State Troopers transferred a call to UAF from a parent of a potential sexual assault victim. The juvenile had been drinking on campus, and reported being drugged and raped. They were provided with resources and Title IX contacts, and taken to their parent’s home. Investigation is ongoing.

Suspicious Circumstances

8/29/2017 8:41 a.m. – A car was keyed sometime previously, with the damage not being noticed until now. The damage and surveillance tapes were reviewed, showing that the keying did not occur in the Patty Center or Reichardt lots where the car had been parked on campus.


8/31/2017 3:26 p.m. – A report of a loan fraudulently taken out in their mother’s name was submitted, the financial office is being followed up with.


9/1/2017 3:51 p.m. – A pair of headphones were stolen from a room in Bartlett Hall sometime between 8:30 p.m. the previous night and 1:30 a.m. that morning. Investigation is ongoing.

9/2/2017 5:49 p.m. – A bicycle was stolen from outside of Skarland Hall sometime in the previous two days. Lock had been cut, investigation is ongoing.

Found Property

9/3/2017 11:32 a.m. – A bicycle was found at the corner of Farmer’s Loop and North Tanana Drive. The bike was brought to UAF Police for safekeeping, who then found the owner and returned the bike.

Minor Consuming

9/4/2017 2:21 a.m. – Multiple people yelling and screaming were reported in the West Hess parking lot. It was found that one of the group’s friends was intoxicated, and they were trying to get her back to her dorm room. She was taken back to her dorm room and issued with a citation for consuming alcohol underage.

Criminal Trespass

9/1/2017 3:45 a.m. – A woman was found sleeping in the racquetball court in the Patty Center. She was trespassed and left on foot.

Traffic Stop

9/2/2017 2:02 p.m. – During a traffic stop, an officer found that there was a dealer error with the wrong plates put on the car. The plates were seized.

9/3/2017 12:12 a.m. – A driver admitted to smoking marijuana before driving during a traffic stop. The District Attorney was contacted, the car was released to a relative of the driver, and the driver was released with no charges.

Welfare Check

9/2/2017 5:51 p.m. – A man was passed out on the field near Alumni Drive. An officer transported the man to Fairbanks Correctional Center to sleep it off.

9/3/2017 8:17 p.m. – A woman was found yelling around the Eielson Building. She was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.


8/31/2017 4:02 p.m. – A car was struck by another car in the Large Animal Research Station parking lot. A note was left, and the owner of the struck car will come to the Police Department with the note.

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