Police Blotter: Jan 10 – 24

Sexual Assault

1/19/2018 8:38 p.m. – A resident director contacted the UAF police for a student that wanted to talk to them about an attempted sexual assault that happened on Jan. 17. Investigation is ongoing.


1/16/2018 5:36 p.m. – There was a three car collision at Farmer’s Loop and North Tanana with the North lane of Farmer’s Loop being completely blocked. There were multiple injuries with two of the drivers being taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. The traffic lights were not working due to an electrical box that was damaged by the accident, and two trucks were called to remove cars from the road.

1/13/2018 12:09 p.m. – A hit and run happened in the SRC Parking Lot the previous Monday between 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

1/23/2018 5:39 p.m. – A parked car was hit in the Taku lot sometime after 11:30 a.m. Parts from the other car were found on the ground and pictures were taken. The investigation is ongoing.

1/23/2018 8:46 p.m. – A report came in of a silver car hitting a parked car in the Cutler Apartment Complex parking lot. The driver of the car was identified and contacted.

Suspicious Circumstances

1/12/2018 8:57 a.m. – Someone reported “possible crimes” occurring in the Rasmusson Library.

1/17/2018 11:00 a.m. – An officer talked to a driver of a contractor vehicle near the new power plant. People had complained about issues they had with the driver.

Traffic Stop

1/13/2018 3:49 a.m. – During a traffic stop, 31-year-old Stephen Obed of Fairbanks was found to be driving while drunk. Obed was arrested and charged with DUI.

1/15/2018 11:42 p.m. – A car was pulled over for having an out headlight. The driver, 26-year-old Marvin C. Mountain of Fairbanks, was also driving with a revoked license, as well as violating the conditions of his release. He was issued a citation for driving with a revoked license and taken to Fairbanks Correctional Center for violating the conditions of his release.

1/16/2018 11:47 p.m. – During a traffic stop, 42-year-old Andrew S. Towse of Fairbanks was cited for driving with a suspended license.


1/19/2018 3:44 p.m. – The UAF Police were called about a possible assault that happened “over a week ago.” Investigation is ongoing.


1/13/2018 10:38 a.m. – Vandalism was found on the exterior of McIntosh Hall. Investigation is ongoing.

1/15/2018 11:07 p.m. – Vandalism was found on the side of the Rasmusson Library.

Intoxicated Person

1/14/2018 3:30 a.m. – An officer checked up on a drunk woman in the middle of Farmer’s Loop Road. She was taken to her home and released to a relative.


1/15/2018 10:47 – A student in Moore Hall was missing items from their room from over winter break. An officer requested a written list of all the missing items.

Lost Property

1/17/2018 4:44 p.m. – A tablet was lost in the Wood Center but was later found on campus.

1/24/2018 5:40 p.m. – A MacBook Pro being borrowed from the library was left in either MBS or The Pub the night before.

Criminal Trespass

1/17/2018 10:44 p.m. – A man was found in the downstairs bathroom in MBS. He was not a student, and was trespassed from UAF.


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