Police Blotter: March 26 – April 8

Missing Person
4/3/2018 8:06 p.m. – A person who had been reported missing was found in the Rasmuson Library. Their cell phone battery had died.

Suspicious Circumstances
4/4/2018 2 a.m. – A screaming woman behind the Duckering Building was reported to the police. However, officers could not find any woman screaming.

4/5/2018 3:26 a.m. – A suspicious car was seen in the lot by Ballaine Lake. The license plates did not match the registration for the car and were confiscated. The driver was found to have a suspended license and was told not to continue driving the car.

3/26/2018 6:44 p.m. – Responding to a call about a suspicious man on the Fairbanks Street bridge, police arrested 40-year-old Justin D. Costello, of Fairbanks, for criminal trespass.

3/26/2018 9:22 p.m. – An officer talked to a man who had been making “concerning comments” during a conversation.

3/31/2018 11:41 p.m. – A man with no affiliation with UAF was told to leave the Rasmuson Library 23-hour study area.

4/1/2018 1:35 a.m. – A bag of “possible marijuana” found in the Fine Arts Building was disposed of.

4/1/2018 10:41 p.m. – Three suspicious cars were parked and blocking Drajnik Road. Officers responded and told the drivers to move their cars.

Parole Violation
4/5/2018 11:15 p.m. – During a traffic stop, a passenger was arrested for violating the conditions of their parole.

Harassing Communications
4/6/2018 11:39 a.m. – A man was harassing an employee in the Elvey Building and kept visiting their office despite being told not to by the dean of students. Protective order and Title IX information was given to the employee. The man showed up again at the office and was informed of trespass. He had an anxiety attack, started screaming, and was taken to the hospital by officers.

4/7/2018 8:38 p.m. – A car key was reported as being stolen. A community service officer unlocked the car for the owner of the missing key.

3/29/2018 8:56 p.m. – A bag and iPad were stolen from a car in the Fine Arts parking lot. The bag was later found in the art department and a suspect was identified.

Driving Without a Valid License
4/7/2018 9:33 p.m. – A driver was cited for not having a motorcycle endorsement on their license. A friend drove them home.

4/8/2018 1:10 a.m. – During a traffic stop, 28-year-old William E. Henderson, of Fairbanks, was found to be driving drunk and was arrested.

Sexual Assault
3/27/2018 10:49 p.m. – Officers looked into a possible sexual assault that occurred on March 23 in Cutler Apartments. Investigation has been started.

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