Senate gains two new senators, changes coming to Title IX and AlcoholEdu

The senate meeting on January 27 started with an 8-0-1 vote to expedite Cachet Garrett and Dianna Rupp to a vote for senate seats A and G respectively.

Senate Chair Audrey Kirby brought up the partnership between ASUAF and the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities in testing their new student conduct process. Senators Ramstad, Ashlock, Navarro, Rupp and von Hafften volunteered.

During the Officer Reports, Government Relations Director, Peter Freymuller, announced his resignation from the Commencement Speaker Search Committee due to a conflict of interest.

“I had to resign the Commencement Speaker Committee ‘cause I learned that I have a few close friends that are going to be applying and I would pick them just because it’s them rather than picking the right person,” Freymuller stated in regards to his resignation.

President Dawson Mann, Vice President James McLean, Kirby, and Senator Kayla Haeg were appointed by Freymuller to attend the Juneau Advocacy Trip to represent ASUAF. The trip will be from March 16-19.

Bernard Aoto, Student Advocacy Director, explained that Haven and AlcoholEdu have been taken out of the school system as EverFi will no longer sponsor those trainings. The UA system is creating its own program to replace Haven. There is no current AlcoholEdu replacement program being crafted at this time.

Aoto also brought up that the RISE board is looking for a new home for Green Bike’s as the Nordic House is set to be demolished.

The voting for both Rupp and Garrett for senators commenced with a 7-0-2 vote for Garrett to being a senator and a 9-0-1 vote for Rupp for senator.

The meeting then had a second reading of four senate bills brought forth earlier in the session. There was a vote of 10-0-1 for the ASUAF Valentine’s Day Event with the amount voted for being $300 from the senate projects fund. There were then three travel bills: Appropriation of Funds for Mitali Chandnani with a 6-0-4 for $350 from travel fund to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Appropriation of Funds for Thomas Allen with a 8-0-3 for $700 from travel fund for The Alaska Anthropological Association, Appropriation of Funds for Sujai Banderji with a 8-0-3 for $750 from travel fund to the Goddard Space Flight Center for a workshop and giving a talk at the American Geophysical Union.

The meeting concluded with another discussion of the future meeting times of the senate. It was decided that the meetings would move from 4 P.M. to 4:15 P.M.