Senators fund clubs, discuss election results

$700 to go to Model UN and Steel Bridge Student Clubs

The senate discussed giving $700 to two student clubs from the travel fund. Five representatives from the Model United Nations attended the meeting in order to explain the need for the funds, as well as what the club and their trip to New York has to offer to the students and to UAF as a whole.

“I think that any of us here can recognize that we live in an era where we have a renewed interest in international politics and how countries interact with each other,” said Owen Fulton, the president of the Model United Nations, “and we’re all looking for ways we can find more ways to interact with other countries and cultures and find more areas of cooperation. Model UN is a great way for students to get into that field who are interested in international politics and who are looking for ways to, in future, get involved with politics and hopefully find a way to solve the calamities we find in world politics today.”

The senate voted in favor of funding both the Model UN and Steel Bridge with $700 each.

Election Results

The senate officially revealed the results from the recent election, including the poll questions. When asked about whether they felt that the mandated Title IX training was helpful, 47 percent of students polled felt that it was not very helpful, 35 percent felt that it was somewhat helpful, and 13 percent felt that it was very helpful. The remaining 5 percent declined to answer.

On a similar note, when asked how they felt about the mandated AlcoholEDU training, 48.6 percent said it was not very helpful, 32.4 percent said it was somewhat helpful, 11.1 percent said it was very helpful, and 7.9 percent said they preferred not to answer.

Finally when asked how satisfied they were with ASUAF this semester, 52.4 percent of the polled students said they were neutral, 40 percent said they were either satisfied or highly satisfied, and 8.6 percent said they were either dissatisfied or highly dissatisfied.

26 First Readings of Legislation

In addition, twenty-six bills had their first reading at the meeting. The majority of these concerned grammatical issues found within the bylaws, although also included were legislation to add the definition of “ad-hoc” to the bylaws, adding repercussions for senators failing to maintain a minimum of two office hours a week, adding the potential for a senate chair to lose their position after a two thirds vote, as well as clarifying and condensing some bylaws. Most of these were sent to committee.

“Please put the bylaws in the goddamned bill,” said Vice President Dawson Mann, after the massive influx of bills concerning making changes to various bylaws.

Further legislation that was discussed involved potentially recording senate meetings in order to allow senators who missed the meetings or for students who were unable to make the meetings to still be involved with the student government.

ASUAF also briefly discussed endorsing open education resources, due to the restrictive costs many textbooks and class supplies required from their students. Nothing was confirmed, and it was sent for further review in committee.

Senators Bolduc, Palmer, Sinnok, Smith, and Ramstad also sponsored a bill to add required training to ASUAF, including Green Dot and Safe Zone training.

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