Senators grant funding to model UN, self-defense

Club Funding

The senate approved $1,000 of funding from the club council for the Model United Nations Club to travel down to New York for an upcoming conference. However, a similar proposition from the same club requesting money from another fund was voted down, reduced from $700 to $500, and sent back to committee for further review.

The money will be used to send eight students down to New York where they will meet with groups from other countries. When Sen. Gabriel Madore suggested that the quoted price for a ticket, $750, was too much as he could get a ticket to Boston for much cheaper then drive over, Vice President Dawson Mann pointed out that the two were not the same place.

“Point of information, New York is not Boston,” Mann said.

The senate also voted to fund the UAF Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club with $750 for them to host a self-defense workshop for any students that wish to attend.

“I was really impressed about their sense of inclusion. When I first walked in they made sure that I had a robe or a gi, and their students were very helpful and I was not even a senator at the time I did that, so this was not for this bill.” said Senator Diana Ramstad. “And just comments that they wish they had more money for the robes and they could have more money to do these workshops because they really want to include more students in what they’re doing.”

Publication Bord

In addition, four senators ran for a seat on the publication board, which oversees the Sun Star. Originally, Senators Raven Palmer and Benjamin Boswell were tied for the position with three votes each, but Boswell decided to resign as he felt the other candidates were stronger for the position. Palmer also resigned when Senator Madore called for a revote following Boswell’s resignation. Senator Diana Ramstad also resigned from the vote, leaving only Sen. Hannah Smith in the running.

“Looking at what are they publishing, and what could they be publishing,” said Sen. Smith when asked how she would approach being on the publication board,”and looking at the content. Is it true? Is it fair, you know, the ones that are supposed to be fair and unbiased? Making sure that it’s what it’s supposed to be, and if it’s not, then you have to look into other things.”


The senate voted to remove their public polls from Murie for the upcoming senatorial election, as they felt that their money and resources could be better used to make sure the election runs smoothly and that the other polling locations are properly manned and funded.

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