Senators search for club leaders, discuss Title IX

Club Funding

Amid budget cuts and enrollment decreasing, the ASUAF budget for the year has decreased significantly, leaving student clubs with under $8,100 worth of funding, $22,000 less than the budget from last year.

In the midst of this budget crisis, student government is holding club council elections. Club council consists of 14 club representatives who are intended to convene and discuss club funding for the yer. The elections, which will be held next week, will be followed by an announcement of appointees.

Title IX & Raising Tuition

Last Sunday President Molly O’Scannell and Senate Chair Samuel Mitchell discussed what they learned from the Coalition of Student Leaders Summit, where the new Title IX policy was discussed, as well as the policy’s possible effects within the UA System.

The Board of Regents’ proposal to raise tuition 5 percent per year was also a topic at this years’ summit. The proposal could allow for satellite campuses to increase their budget by as much as 9.5 percent for the 2019 fiscal year. O’Scannell and Mitchell attended to student leaders conference in Anchorage earlier in the week.

The senators passed a bill in favor of creating a Student Advocacy Department and appointing a Student Advocacy Director. They discussed putting out a call for the director position soon, which will be a paid position within the department.

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