Senators stress involvement, deliberate legislative language

The Senate meeting held on Feb. 11 resulted in the appointment of a new senator: Chiebuka Lebechi. Lebechi is a first year student at UAF and has background in serving on student government while in high school. He has also worked as a parliamentarian and is currently working as a peer mentor through Residence Life.

Part of Lebechi’s platform while in office is increasing the level of student involvement in ASUAF. This could be in the form of students attending meetings, participating in polls to voice their concerns, or even visiting the ASUAF office more frequently, Lebchi said.

Second Reading

Although the bill SB 189-040B, addressing grammatical quality standards within legislation failed by a unanimous vote, the senate agreed that the bill should serve as a warning to urge senators to submit properly worded and formatted legislation only. Multiple concerns were expressed with the professionalism of legislation.

Senator Benjamin Boswell reminded the senate that the senator handbook serves as a resource for composing legislation. Senate Chair Samuel Mitchell followed this statement by encouraging the Senate to collaborate more often on legislation to avoid mistakes.

Office Manager Kori Hensell shared that she is willing to be an open resource to proofreading and editing legislation prior to submission. This bill was composed based on a lack of legislation quality within the senate the previous semester.

Senator Training

The senate meeting on Feb. 18 was cancelled due to the lack of senator attendance. Multiple senators committed to attending Green Dot Bystander Training from 1-5 p.m. on Feb. 18 instead.