Senators talk training, confirm committee members

Committee members appointed

The Senate voted to place Sen. Brooke Bolduc on the board that oversees the ASUAF Trust Fund.

“Are you a team player, and are you aware you can be a team player with this trust fund?” asked Sen. Diana Ramstad of Bolduc and Sen. David Ambrose, regarding the vote to determine which would have the seat. “Part of the question is being aware; being part of this is really important for present students and future students.”

Bolduc emphasized considering relations with previous students.

“I believe that the association and relationship between past and prior students regarding this trust fund is very important,” responded Bolduc. “I think being placed on this board of trustees, influencing the trust fund and what we can attain within it can benefit not only past students, but prior students. I want to make this trust tangible in more ways than one.”

Ambrose responded to Ramstad’s question, stating he believes funding should be used to aid students on campus.

“First off, yes I am a team player, and also a very persuasive talker, so that might help a little bit,” said Ambrose. “As far as what kind of business that fund should be appropriated to, it should be, obviously, here on campus helping students. I don’t think any of it should go anywhere else, if that was your question.”

After discussion, Bolduc was elected to the board with eight votes. Ambrose received one vote and was not appointed. Both senators running abstained from the vote. There is one more seat available to senators interested in being on the committee. The appointment is to be voted on during next Sunday’s meeting.

The Senate also discussed the appointment of two more members to the Food for Thought Committee. Student Brandon Nevells and Sen. Gabriel Madore both were nominated for the committee and both were confirmed with no votes against.

Senate Looks into Training

Amy Cross, Diversity and Prevention Coordinator with NDAC, attended the meeting today, at the invitation of Senators Palmer and Bolduc, in order to offer Green Dot and Safe Zone training to the Senate at a later date.

Green Dot training is meant to prevent violence and harassment by empowering bystanders and showing them ways they can intervene in a potentially dangerous or harmful situation.

Safe Zone training helps people create a space where those in the LGBTQ+ community can feel safe and supported, as well as increase awareness and understanding of the issues and struggles that those in the LGBTQ+ community face.

The proposed trainings would each be about 90 minutes, to be held on a date decided by the Senate.

Changing ASUAF Meeting Time

There was brief discussion about changing the time and possibly the date that the ASUAF Senate holds their public meeting. No changes were decided at this meeting, but the Senate will be holding an internal poll to decide if and when the senators want to change the meeting time.

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