Senators weigh in on sustainability

ASUAF heard from a perspective appointee for the Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Energy board on campus this Sunday. RISE promotes sustainability in an around UAF and consists of eleven seats, three of which are unoccupied. Zachery Nicholson is a Biology major at UAF and this is his second year. Nicholson is enthusiastic about helping the university to promote a sustainable lifestyle for students and the community as a whole.

“Currently, I have a dream to study the arctic, and how climate change is effecting the arctic ecosystem, but at the same time I want to try to get politically active, and hopefully try to help solve these issues by the legislative processes,” Nicholson said.

When pressed by the senate about his vision for sustainability at UAF, Nicholson explained that he wishes to see a community that would not have to think about being sustainable, but instead would just be sustainable as a default. Nicholson hope to be able to work closely with various student, faculty, and community members to come up with innovative solutions, that would benefit UAF and the community as a whole.

“The RISE Board would help me to promote sustainability,” Nicholson said. “I think, personally why there is a lot of opposition to climate change, is a lot of the policy that is going to be passed because of climate change is going to inhibit their rights and tell them what they need to do, and I can see why they maybe opposed to that, but I think the key is innovation.”

The senate moved the possible appointment to the executive committee for review.

ASUAF took time this week to approve and appoint students to senate positions, in a bid to try and fill the seats of the student government. Senate seats I, K, L, and M, were vacant and have been filled by students, Brooke Bolduc, Hannah James, Hannah Smith, and Gabriel Madore respectively.


Present: Esau Sinnok, Raven Palmer, Sierra Van Hafften, David Ambrose, Daniel Dougherty, Benjamin Boswell, Raymundo Lopez, Brooke Bolduc, Samuel Mitchell, Hannah James, Hannah Smith, Gabriel Madore

Absent Unexcused: Chris Martinez

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