Sexual Assault Awareness Month kicks off on campus

SAO assistant Nikki Crenshaw Manning at the SAAM kickoff booth as NDAC assistance Chia Muas participates.

Sticky notes that lined the walls of Arctic Java read “I would not have PTSD,” “I wouldn’t be afraid of being touched” and “Everyone looks out for each other.”

April 4 was the kickoff for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), and Arctic Java was donned in facts, a survey, artwork from various students, and shirts from the clothesline project. Those not affected by sexual assault and those who have been affected were prompted to add sticky notes about what a world without sexual assault would look like to them. Student Activities Pro Staff Lisa Latronica and Student Activities Assistant Nikki Crenshaw manned a booth promoting awareness of SAAM.

On the far back wall there was an interactive display that allowed people to learn about the statistics of sexual assault and the feelings of others. People could colour parts of the display.

Event goers were encouraged to stop by the booth and spin a wheel to test their knowledge, learn something new, and spread the word and win a prize.

Landing on “tell me a fact,” a participant was asked to tell Crenshaw and Latronica a fact they knew about sexual assault. She walked over to the interactive display.

“Every 98 seconds someone is sexually assaulted in the US,” the participant said when they came back to the booth.

Another participant gained the chance to win a prize if she shared a SAAM event on social media. She found an event, shared it to Facebook and walked away with a SAAM water bottle.

As people left, they were asked to fill out a survey about their knowledge of sexual assault, regarding if they felt like they would help anyone who was assaulted and how many events they have attended. This survey appears at every SAAM event.

For more information on Sexual Assault Awareness Month visit the NDAC Facebook page.