Shia’s Solutions – Allyship and Education Resources

Q: “I was wondering if there were any organizations you know of with a presence in Fairbanks that I could join or any resources I could use to educate myself with so I can be a better ally to POC and the LGBTQ+ communities here?”

Shia: When approaching activism, advocacy, and allyship, it is important to acknowledge how classism, stereotypes, and intergenerational trauma affect the people in need around you. Having regular conversations about how to become a good ally is essential because each demographic in need has varying experiences and disadvantages. Learning the difference between cultural appropriation vs appreciation is a good foundation to ensure that as an ally, you aren’t overstepping your boundaries. Uplifting the voices of people of color and activists within the LGBTQ+ community is just one small way to utilize your privilege. Correcting stereotypical statements that promote a culturally ignorant atmosphere can help build a community with a low discrimination tolerance.

Other ways you can support include: donating clothes, food, and menstrual products to shelters and individuals in need. On-campus organizations that students can utilize for community support and outreach include the Native Student UnionNanook Diversity and Action Center, Resource and Advocacy Center (or Interior Center For Non-Violent Living), Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Generation Action and Festival of Native Arts. Off-campus organizations include PFLAG, Fairbanks Pride, Fairbanks Queers and Allies, Native Movement, Native Peoples Action, Boys & Girls Club, Gender Pioneers, FCAC,  and the NAACP.


For the most up to date campus-wide resources, utilize the app Org Sync to join clubs and view events.