Student literary journal revived, editors seek submissions

Ice Box, a literary journal and student club at UAF, is calling for submissions after being inactive for some years. Submissions can be made in the following categories: poetry, art (digital copy), fiction and non-fiction. After the deadline, each piece undergoes a reviewing process where the work of artists and authors will be viewed anonymously by readers. This protects both the author/artist and the readers from bias.

Involvement in Ice Box can vary. Interested parties can either get involved in the student club, email Ice Box to become a “reader,” or as a potential artist or writer interested in submitting their work.

Syd Paulino, the club’s secretary and non-fiction editor, became involved in the journal in pursuit of self expansion within literature and the development of experience in editing. Joanna Parrish, the clubs treasurer and poetry editor became involved though her employment as a tutor at the writing center. She said she wanted to not only explore her career options, but expand herself creatively.

Anyone can submit to Ice Box and is given an equal chance to be published. Work that is not chosen to be printed may be chosen to be published online on their WordPress account.

“As far as I’m concerned there are no bad submissions, you don’t lose anything by trying,” said Parrish.

The journal emphasizes that published writing is not only an accomplishment but seen as professional. Successful submissions can be claimed on a resume.

Hindrances for Ice Box in the past have been the fact that there is a revolving door of upperclassmen involved in the journal. This has made it complicated to maintain student involvement due to graduation.

One of their largest goals is to create accessibility for undergraduate students to publish their creative writing and develop themselves in the creative community. The club’s treasurer and secretary shared similar views of urging students to submit work.

There is snobbery in the writing community surrounding certain genres such as science fiction, and we want to make it clear that is not us,” Paulino said. “We aren’t here to judge you or look down our noses at certain types of writing; all writing is accepted, and we want to see things that are different.”

As of Jan. 30 Ice Box has received a total of seven submissions. Any questions about how to get involved, as well as any submissions, can be sent to the club’s email UAFICEBOX@GMAIL.COM. Final Submissions are due by 11:59 p.m. Feb. 28

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