Sunshine Health Foods plans expansion

Brian Reagin attending to customers at Sunshine Health Foods’ original location. The new storefront will be located on College Road.

“Come rain, hail, snow, floods, volcanoes, meteorites or martians coming down, one way or another I’m going to have this door open on April 22,” said Brian Reagin, the head of receiving at Sunshine Health Foods, talking about the grand opening of the new location on Earth Day.

Sunshine Health Foods is a locally owned business that caters to customers with dietary requirements, in addition to providing a variety of supplements, hygiene products, and several health-centric books. Sunshine Health Foods have begun setting up an expansion in the building across from the UAF campus, where Gulliver’s Books was formerly located.

So far the move has been going well, according to Reagin, although there have been a few bumps in the road. During the holidays, many big companies slowed down their sales, which has affected the set up of the new Sunshine location. For example, there was a mixup between Washington and Washington D.C. and some equipment that was sent overseas was sent to the wrong state.

Sunshine’s new location in the same building Gulliver’s Books used to be located near College Town Pizza. The doors will open on April 22. Ben Ellis / Sun Star

Despite these setbacks, employees are determined to open on time on Earth Day.

“I don’t care if I’ve gotta have an organic Kool-Aid stand out in the parking lot, something’s getting sold April 22,” said Reagin.

In addition to health supplements and foods for those with dietary needs, Sunshine Health Foods will also be focusing on serving a variety of coffees, teas, and soups to customers. Nicole Crenshaw, a student who visited Sunshine often in the past was pleased to see Sunshine offering a second location closer to campus.

“I’m actually super, super excited,” said Crenshaw, a master’s student in homeland security and management who works with the student activities office. “I personally am really hoping that they have, like, a little luncheon area upstairs because I know, for me, that would be really easy if I need to go like grab gluten free stuff for s’mores that we forgot for an event, or if I just need to grab some quick food or something.”

Reagin discussed a renovated dining area that is being put into the upper floor of the building.

Brian Reagin checking out a customer. The second store for Sunshine Health Foods is planned to open on Earth Day.

“We’ve completely redone the entire kitchen. There wasn’t even a dining area before; we’ve actually created an actual specific dining area where you can look out at the university while you’re snacking on your delicious eats or drinks,” said Reagin.

In addition, Sunshine Health Foods will offer some form of special discount for university students, although no exact details have been formed yet.

“We realize that the university is going to be a very hungry crowd, so we’ll have a multitude of regular customers, and therefore we will cater to them,” said Reagin. “And you know, that’s all still in the works, but I assure you there is going to be some kind of a special discount, or membership, or punch card, or something that is going to specifically be for our university students.”

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