The Return of Concert Board

Michael Romanovsky, the new student chair of concert board.

Concert Board, an entity funded by the student government fee with the purpose of promoting concerts on campus, has reformed this semester with the intent of bringing music back to the forefront of UAF entertainment. Concert board is comprised of multiple members; an ASUAF presidential appointee, appointees from the senate, media board, and traditions board, a concert board appointed community member, the student selected as the concert board chair, all of whom hold voting power, and a coordinator/advisor that does not hold voting power. Ronnie Houchin, the current ASUAF office manager as well as coordinator/advisor to concert board, is helping to recreate concert board after a complete reorganization that occurred last semester. “Last semester there was quite a bit of transition within ASUAF; both the previous coordinator, Matt Roberts, position was eliminated and the previous ASUAF office manager left the university, so that put us in a position where my position was recruited for,” Houchin states, “I started in late september, and with the transition of me being onboarded, it took us some time before we could recruit for the concert board position and ultimately hire Michael Romanovsky and have him get started.” Michael Romanovsky, a senior in the business management program with a concentration in marketing, was chosen to fill the position of concert board chair and has been working closely with the board since the start of the semester. Romanovsky also volunteers as a DJ for KSUA, and serves on the station’s media board. “I’m a good negotiator,” Romanovsky says, “but I’m able to compromise and see what values everyone brings to concert board and respect that as well. I’ve been a KSUA DJ for 2 years, so I know music, and have been interested in local music since I was a high schooler here in Fairbanks.” While Houchin and Romanovsky make up only a fraction of the collaborative process that is concert board, their goals as members are simple. “I think for concert board, we’ve been inactive for a little while and it’s been a long time since concert board did a really big show, so a goal I would have for concert  board would be to take some time to understand the student body,” Houchin explains, “What they’re listening to, what they want to see on campus, do they want local shows, local bands on campus, or big national acts to come and play, do we want bands, singer/songwriters, etc , and to kind of just make the most of this responsibility concert board has to entertain the student body.”