What’s the Spin at KSUA? UAF’s college radio station is looking for new student involvement

Earlier this summer, while I spent a day hosting the KSUA booth at the downtown Fairbanks Midnight Sun Festival. I passed the hours giving out stickers and t-shirts and contently listening while members of our community shared their stories of days passed at our college radio station. Since coming on the air in 1984, UAF’s student run, student funded radio station has seen hundreds of students, staff, and community members sign up to be college radio DJ’s. If you get the chance to chat with a current or past DJ, they’ll be sure to talk your ear off about how much fun is to be involved in college radio.

Behind the old sticker covered doors lies the opportunity to learn new things. A way to express yourself, to be funny and weird or smart and sarcastic or make new friends. Having your own show gives you an opportunity to share the music you love and a place talk about the things that inspire you to an audience bigger than just your peers or classmates.It is a chance to get out of your comfort zone and maybe speak when you normally might not. The first time you sit down in one of the squeaky vintage chairs in the studio and man the sound board, can be intimidating, but you can’t help but bask in how cool it feels to be a college radio DJ.

We will be hosting some great events at KSUA this year including an all-day radio party for College Radio Day on Oct. 6. Slots for fall semester shows are filling up fast. If you think KSUA could be the thing for you, you can fill out a show proposal on www.ksuaradio.com. If you would like to check out the station and learn more about getting involved, we invite you to come visit us on the third floor of Constitution Hall above the bookstore. We will be hosting an open house at the station on Sunday, Sept. 24 at 4 p.m. followed by our first DJ Meeting of the semester at 6 p.m.

This Week’s Top Spins at KSUA

  1. Anti Lilly, Phoniks “It’s Nice Outside”
  2. BrainWaltzEra “Kurrytee (MIDI 2 CV)”
  3. Great Grandpa “Favorite Show”
  4. Mount Kimbie “Delta”
  5. Giant Claw “Soft Channel 03”
  6. Camp Cope “Done”
  7. Blaenavon “The Monte Carlo Kid”
  8. Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real “Find Yourself”
  9. NMESH “NΞ1✪NΞ1”
  10. Mike Huckaby “Phuture 2”

Album Review of the Week
Kacy & Clayton “The Siren’s Song”

Canadian folk duo, Kacy & Clayton’s third album “The Siren’s Song” dropped onto the airwaves in late August. Produced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco fame, the nine song collection is dripping with country and rock and roll nostalgia. Check the evidently Jefferson Airplane inspired track “The light of Day” or for a more melodic experience, listen to “A Lifeboat.”

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