Author: Shia Diefotze


What Is #BrownUpYourFeed?

Created by Mandy Harris Williams, #BrownUpYourFeed is about the reclamation of your social media space, representation, and pushing black and indigenous people to the forefront. She described the movement as a consistent pathway and grasping of what...

Op-Ed: Surviving white feminism as a “minority” 0

Op-Ed: Surviving white feminism as a “minority”

When I signed up for my first women and gender studies class I was ecstatic. You can imagine the joy of a blossoming activist, receiving what is promoted to be a professional education. However,...


Social activist Damon Davis holds Q&A

When Damon Davis came to The Pub to discuss his activism and art, the conversations that were had between Davis and individual audience members were informative, genuine, and unfiltered. Davis made it his business...